had enough?

Did you get enough of my whining last night?

I forgot to mention one really big complaint. At the end of the evening, after that amazing dinner, we rode the monorail back to the park intent on going to the haunted mansion.

Well Mike and I intended to go to the haunted mansion. Nana and Papa intended to go to the haunted mansion. K had NO intention of going anywhere NEAR the haunted mansion.



So we divided up, Nana & Papa took K to watch them set up for one of their big night shows and Mr. Kaos and I strolled off hand in hand through Di$neyland Park toward the haunted mansion. Let me say that for some reason this was terribly emotional for me. That reason is that I am a crazy person and I admit it, but none the less it was important to me.

Since everyone was lined up for the big show no one was in line and we were able to zip right up to the house and into the elevator and start the ride in moments.

Awesome, especially since my whole tactic on this trip has been “hey look how short that line is” and then running.

It went along like always with a few new tricks and surprises since I had been there last but what was different this time was that I wasn’t a kid. I wasn’t thrilled by the spookiness. I was thrilled by the detail, the fun, the nostalgia and the man who sat there in the buggy next to me holding my hand.

Date night in the haunted mansion. Perfect until…..

What happened?

What could have gone wrong?

Did my phone ring? Did the spooks spook me?

No, but the buggy stopped about 2/3 of the way through and I was forced to sit in that buggy with no one but Mr. Kaos playing kissy face and snuggling.

It was really hard… and boy oh boy were we relieved when they finally got it working again…

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