and then she complains…

Today, ladies and gents, was day 3 of the crazy fun bonanza and I have my list of complaints for you to revel in.

Complaint 1: I can’t go down to the bar and drink cause I have to put my kid to bed… so I have to sit in my room resting my tired feet while Mr. Kaos goes down to see David the super bartender who makes me my lovely “My Tie” (I’m not crazy that is how he spells it). Then I have to sit in my room watching cable TV while I suck it down.

Complaint 2: My feet hurt. You may have noted in Complaint 1 that I was resting my feet. I was. I am. They hurt. I have been pounding the di$ney pavement for 3 days straight and my dogs… they are a barkin’. It is torture being me.

Complain 3: I went on $plash Mountain with my mom, dad and K and they all got SOAKED. Dripping wet. AND I DID NOT!!! Hours later at dinner my dad was still complaining that his undies were wet. Nana was solid and quiet, but soaked. K was so drenched she had to change… luckily she had this old thing to throw on:

Complaint 4: I had too much to eat for dinner and only one hurricane to go with it… We went to an amazing… and I mean AMAZING Cajun restaurant. After we had the appetizer sampler and the family shared a bowl of gumbo and my drink was all drunk I still had a chicken breast and the most amazing food ever to be put on this green earth, andouille grits, to eat.

Complaint 5: I am too tired to read your blog. I haven’t read a single blog since we arrived. I haven’t even read mine. In a moment I intend to go read all your comments because, well that’s the comment love and I gots to get me some…. but still, I miss you.

Complaint 6: It has been a roller coaster, in reality and emotionally. Who would have thought a vacation could turn me into a weepy neurotic mess… well, more of a weepy neurotic mess…

Wow, wait now, those last two were some what reasonable and even real… I’ll try to do better next time.

We’re here for several more days. One more day with Nana and Papa Kaos, one on our own and then my friend Chad will show up for a 1 day whirlwind Kaos family tour of the Di$ney Parks…

I have purchased all the post cards but I haven’t had a chance to write any of them yet. Wednesday I am planning to keep K at the hotel, do some swimming, watch some TV and have a quiet day (off my feet). I plan to write them all then and send them out soon after.

Until my next Di$neyland consumer whore blog…


10 thoughts on “and then she complains…

  1. mielikki says:

    Oh you poor suffering thing. LOL. It is tiring, being on vacation. I think your very smart to have a relaxation day Wed.Go back to Splash Mountain with Chad, and SIT IN FRONT.K looks way too sweet in that ‘old thing’.I am going to bed, nowlove love love love

  2. Jen says:

    I think there’s a special kind of ache that your feet only get after they’ve spent time in a Disney park. I’ve come to kind of love that feeling because I know it means I’ve had a day well spent.

  3. Celtic Rose says:

    Soooo good to hear from you! And I am glad that you are all having fun. That’s what counts the most.You are making some great memories for K.

  4. bellevelma says:

    Those are exactly the reasons people need a vacation after their vacation! Sounds like fun though, even with the sore feet.

  5. Bubblewench says:

    Oh those damn feet! I thought you bought good shoes to go?? Keep em rested though, the weeks not over yet!!K looks so ‘innocent’ in that old frock of hers.

  6. CamiKaos says:

    bellevelma: That is why we are flying home Friday so we can have the weekend to recover…bw: I don’t think it matters how good the shoe. I can actually tell how comfy my shoes are. hahaa.

  7. sybil law says:

    What up with those new shoes?!You guys need to leave K with the grandparents and have a night of debauhchery!That is all. Whore. ;)

  8. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Missed this one somehow.Achy feet aside, sounds like you’re having an amazing time.And K makes a great Alice in Wonderland.

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