in which I get stuff…

This may be my longest post ever… or it may just seem that way, either way, stay tuned til the end won’t you, I could have a tiny droplet of good, a nugget of happy, a… no I got nothing… you’re free to go…

La la la la la la, oh are you still here? Well then I guess I can just tell you that it was a busy little weekend for me… Even for this extension of me out here in the big ol interlove.

I got tagged with a very foodie meme.

I got nominated as a Rockin Girl Blogger.

I got awarded the Schmoozie.

So let me say in the proper order: Food, I love Food. I rock? I love that I rock. I schmooze? Really? Me? Okay if you say so.


First the Food Meme. I was tagged by the lovely and oh so tasteful
Jo Beaufoix to list 5 places I like to eat. I believe she altered the terms of the meme a bit, and so shall I.

1) At home. Here. Kaos house. Or Kaos yard. I love to eat with my family. I believe that eating together is really and truly one of the most important things that a family can do day to day. Plus, Mr. Kaos is a rockin good cook and I’m not too shabby myself.

2) Mio Sushi. As long as there has been “Cami & Mr. Kaos” there has been Mio Sushi in our life. It is an amazing place of flavor and texture that for my money can not be beat. There are other places in Portland that have been called better, I for one have eaten at them and don’t think so. What’s more is that Mio is family friendly, wallet friendly and most importantly for us on some days, take out friendly. We had Mio for dinner Friday night and I want it again already.

3) Mekong. Every neighborhood should have a place like Mekong. It is a clean quiet unobtrusive little Vietnamese grill with some amazing food. I can walk over 6 days a week and get a tasty healthful meal, and I never hear a peep of argument from K. She loves the place as much as I do.

4) Tuscany Grill. On this listing I am sadly cheating. The Tuscany Grill was my absolute favorite Italian place in town. Mr. Kaos and I have enjoyed many an anniversary there. We’ve celebrated birthdays, laughed with friends from out of town, clinked glasses with family and savored every bit of food we ever ate there. I don’t even want to think about their heavenly Tira Misu, it was the best I ever had. Sadly the good ol Tuscany Grill closed mere days ago, presumably so one of the larger trendy restaurants in the area could expand. We’ll miss it greatly.

5) Schlotzsky’s. If you know me at all you will no doubt be aware of my severe avoidance of fast food. It wasn’t always so, I used to really enjoy a heaping helping of something bad for me that had the nutritional content of a noodle with the caloric intake of a small city at dinner time. There was nothing like a greasy cheese burger (or two) and fries with a big ol shake. That time in my life has passed though and I feel so much healthier, happier and saner for it. That being said there are a few fast food restaurants I can really get behind, or that I make an exception for. Schlotzsky’s is one of those. They offer some great healthy choices and then some things aren’t so great for you but everything is mmmm mmmm mmmm…

Now I need to choose 5 suckers to post about their 5 favorite places to eat so I pick you, you, you, you and you over there. Seriously. I am very tired and can not think. If you want to participate PLEASE let me know and I will link you. I am too tired to force any of you to do anything against your will. My mad Jedi mind skills are on a break.


Now on to the Rockin Girl Blogger. As we have established, I am one. But the super rockin Lori over at Fairytales and Margaritas has just reinforced that and I couldn’t be more proud or thankful. I am also quite certain that she very much deserved it, after all you only have to go to her page to see the picture of her cutie pie kids dressed up as Kiss. How rockin is that?

Because I received this honor recently I am not going to pass out another handful of nominees, but I encourage you to read my previous acceptance and check out the ladies I link loved in that post. They are all so rockin.


And this brings us to the final piece of our memeful post… The Schmoozie…

My cousin Mielikki awarded me with a Schmoozie from her nursing blog first do no harm. It took me a few moments to get the gist of the Schmoozie and when I did I was pretty honored because basically she is giving me this award for pimping out the blogs of my friends, family and others I think are super totally awesome. So do I schmooze? Yes indeedy do I do.

But who do I know that talks the schmooze talk and walks the schmooze walk? Since three people immediately come to mind they are the ones that get my ever schmoozing schmoooooooze love.

Jessica at Oh, The Joys. If she isn’t a schmooze worthy schmoozetastic babe I don’t know who is. Jess, take that schmoozie to BlogHer (you’re going right) with you and ROCK!

My babe buddy Melanie from Melanie In Orygun. This gal can pimp. stuff. out. Make sure you vote for her while you’re staring at her in awe.

And last but never least (in my bloggy heart or in making me laugh till my body parts fall off) Mr. Fabulous over at Pointless Drivel. He is totally the mac daddy pimp of internet land and as if by fate his post today is pimping out his buddies and their good causes. If that weren’t enough to earn him a schmoozie let me just say that I read his blog religiously because the man has been known to make my ribs ache with laughter using only the brain power in his little pinky.

11 thoughts on “in which I get stuff…

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Don’t you just love giving and getting awards?It feels like a new level of blog maturity, or atleast blog experience (not sure that I do maturity as I blog about ‘poo’ too much.)Congrats young lady and love your foodie choices.Did Miss K mention the thing we shouldn’t mention at all??

  2. julie says:

    Oh, how I miss Mio Sushi… I used to live about five blocks from the one in NW. Mmmmmm.I am now going to have intense Mio cravings and I have you to blame.

  3. CamiKaos says:

    Julie: Mr. Kaos and I used to go there frequently. Now I either make him pick up take out on his way home from the one on 185th or we go over to Hawthorne. They are EVERYWHERE. We were so scared when Sonny opened the new locations that the quality would suffer but the three locations we eat at are all just amazing. I am so sorry to cause you pain but I want mio so bad right now I can almost taste those beautful Hawaiin rolls… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Jo: I love my bloggy bling, yes I doXithor: I am waiting.

  4. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    I knew you were already rockin’, but had to do it. I REALLY enjoy reading your blog. Plus, I wanted more of my friends to read your blog!

  5. Oh, The Joys says:

    Oh, look! I go out of town and come back a WINNER!! Yehaw! Thanks!You would find me so schmoozie today – snot running from my EYES. So sick.

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