things are better…

My computer? Oh no, no it isn’t better it is fried. Like Chicken, only not so tasty. Just say bye bye to my little friend. Luckily it is not only under manufacturer warranty but the extended 2 year big ol whomping warranty that we got when we bought it back in February is still very very much in effect.

So I will survive.

Even though it did not.

But this outlook I have, pretty much thanks in part to some good lovin, some good music, some great loving comments from a few of you and a new bra or two that make my girls look down right…. Jaunty. Pert. Happy. Rounded. Fab.U.lous.

If you’re a girlie, you may know how I feel.

Oh the new bra, the joyous sassy new bra. The new bras (cause I found 2 of them) are great.

They look particularly amazing under the new shirts I got.

WHAT? New shirts?

Did CamiKaos go on a little pity party shopping spree? Is Mr. Kaos gonna be mad that I broke the bank?

No. I didn’t.

And no, he won’t.

It was a planned and officially sanctioned shop-o-rama that included new shoes for the entire family. Let me just say shoes cost a lot of money. I don’t like that part. And the new shoes, they aren’t shiny sexy sex symbol goddess oh my hell I want to lick that foot shoes… They are super comfortable though (and sassy) which was the point. We wanted shoes that would protect our feet from the sensation of wanting to fall off from the wear and tear of 5 days of amusement park adventure…

Oh and then there were the bras and some shirts (for Mr. and me) and don’t forget my sunglasses, cause they’re cute and offer 100% UV protection… I need that… for the sun. So did K. Hers have a princess on them. Mine, do not.

In all seriousness I am not a shopper or an eater when I am sad. I usually turn to music, photography or wallowing in self pity while I drink one cherry coke after another until I am so hopped up on sugar and caffeine that I enter an alternate reality where the disaster at hand doesn’t matter so much.

But the shopping was planned. We all needed stuff. And we got everything we needed (nearly).

I think we are so unused to travel we have to spend more to leave for vacation than we will actually spend while we are there…

But you know what. I. can’t. wait.

To wear my new bra…

11 thoughts on “things are better…

  1. sybil law says:

    New bra? What brand is this new bra (or, bras, I guess?) that you speak so highly of? Tell me! I want to get new ones, too!Why no princess on your sunglasses?!Sweet on the computer warranty. But, wtf? How does a new computer break down so quick?Email me with the new bra love…

  2. Corey~living and loving says:

    So glad the computer is under warrenty. :) Did you lose anything important though??? pictures???I am also interested in what bras you got! I love it when a bra does a miracle and makes the girls perky! :)

  3. mielikki says:

    I so know the new bra, “girl” happiness thing. And I looove it. My girls are very happy, so I don’t need the bra tip.Glad you had fun shopping, and got what you needed! Glad also your computer had that warranty. . .

  4. flutter says:

    I loves me a new bra, I really do! New shoes, too although I always seems to get the ones that give me blisters…

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hooray, new clothes, and I so know what you mean about the underwear.A good new bra can just change your whole mood. Add that to new shoes and I’m a happy bunny.Add David Tennant and, I’m a very happy bunny.

  6. CamiKaos says:

    Syb: sent that.Julie: Yes it can. I bet Polly has lots o princess if she is anything like K was at that age.daddy: Maybe I should work out some system with you where in I will warn you of the content that may be… inappropriate for you ;)Corey: Right now they are thinking it is the motherboard which means they shold be able to recover my data WOOOP. I am not getting my hopes up. I will email you the bra info…Mielikki: After dropping it off I am glad too. It costs $10 shy of the warranty just to check your computer in to the service center. That is CRAZY.Flutter: This shoe expedition was specifically about caring for the feet… not making them pretty and ouchie… :( but also… :)Jo: I would reply honey, but you said David Tennant and now I can not think what else you may have said…

  7. Bubblewench says:

    Oh the excitting fun shopping trip before vacation. We had one of those. Spent a buttload of money. Loves the goodie goodie boobie bras! WTF? No HP review?? I waiting ALL weekend for that!

  8. bellevelma says:

    Yay for shopping! Sorry about the computer. You are counting the days ’til vacation. I am counting the days ’til Harry Potter. I’m excited about the book, no denying that, but your vacation sounds much, much better.

  9. landismom says:

    Soooooo sorry about the computer, but glad to hear it was still under warranty.New bras that fit right are the best.

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