le sigh…

I remember saying I was gonna write a happy little post today. I joyful little jaunty tune maybe. Perhaps a naughty limerick would make its way to this page.

fuck that. None of that is to be had. NO LAUGHTER.

le sigh.

My computer. MY NEW COMPUTER

The computer that I loved and stuff.

I think it may be toast.

Bye bye little lappy top. At least little lappy top hard drive.


We will take it to the doctors office to get a recovery disc and see if it will do anything, anything at all, but we’re thinking not. so. much.

le sigh.

I am sure you will all get to hear how it goes. I am sure I will tell you. Frequently.

For now I am borrowing Mr. Kaos’ workhorse of a laptop. It is old. It is BIG. It It makes a lot of noise. It gets the job done.

The really bad news? I am not very good about remembering to back stuff up.

le sigh.

I am a sad girl. What can cheer me up? Sex? Art? The Blues? Shopping? I will try them out and see.

xoxox – CamiKaos

10 thoughts on “le sigh…

  1. DaddyKaos says:

    le merde, I can’t remember what you bought but tell me again so I don’t make the same mistake (or did the cat get to it again?).

  2. landismom says:

    Ugh! Having just suffered through several days of computer hell, I am extremely sympathetic! Hope you can recover your hard drive.

  3. Mel says:

    Or the knowledge that I will be going to a birthday party at the only other tiki bar-having home I’ve ever heard of tonight? Would tiki solidarity make you feel better?Or just a hug: (((You)))Or the knowledge that my word confirmation is “jarky.”No?Okay.

  4. bellevelma says:

    Ugh. Sorry! I vote for the shopping. And some stiff drinks. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Did I mention the shopping already? Buy some bling.

  5. Daniel says:

    For a mom you sound like a teenager. I’d go so far as to say you sound less mom-like than a lot of my teenage friends. I wish my mom were that cool.My laptop recently esplode too. I have to start semester 2 of uni tomorrow and I have no laptop with which to sign up to my classes. It kinda works.. but it’s very sick and doesn’t like being turned on. Tres annoying. So yeah, I feel your pain.My blog:http://team-super-blog.blogdrive.com/

  6. CamiKaos says:

    Syb: Yes, yes it decidedly does suck.daddy: it’s an hp. No the cat didn’t do it this time. I got some screen corruption and had to turn it off cold and it never came back up.LM: I was glad to see your computer problems had a happy ending.mielikki: all is well in camilandMel: I am hoping for news of the tiki and how you liked it… but I laughed my ass off at your comment and that helped too.bellevelma: mmm chocolate.julie: I was able to be wel cheered… daniel: thanks, i think. I will stop by your blog soon and say hello. hope all your computer troubles get worked out. Mine is sitting in the shop. :(

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