tiki time?

By a show of hands how many of you know about my love of the Tiki goods?

Eh, I’m not impressed, some of you have been skipping posts… I’ll let it slide this time but I’m warning you there willll be a test soon (and maybe a prize for the winner).

So yes, we aren’t talking about that test now, we’re talking about Tiki. Tiki goods, Tiki Gods, Tiki kitsch, Tiki this, Tiki that and Tiki clocks.

Oh and the Tiki mugs, and the drinks… can’t forget those.

What leads me to all this?

Tiki that’s what.

If our summer had gone along as expected we would be planning our big summer Tiki party right now. I do mean right now too, it’s all we would be doing for a month… but sometimes life steps in and says “Hey, maybe instead of throwing that big ol Tiki Party you should take your kid to Disneyland” and this year that is exactly what life did. With a big ol poke in the ribs that we gladly accepted.

And who am I to argue, after all they do have a Tiki room there.

So being responsible (or somewhere near it) Mr. Kaos and I decided that for this year two things will have to go.

1) We will not remodel our kitchen this summer, the cost and the stress would be too much.
2) We’re not throwing our Big Ol Tiki Summer Bash this year. Why? We’d rather spend that money on mouse ears and air fare and restaurants (oh my).

This leaves a big hole in my Tiki heart (I have a Tiki heart in addition to my regular heart, it’s right next to my black and white photography heart).

I was sad. Defeated. Disheartened. Though I knew we were doing the right thing, my heart said “Oh, how could you”

The Tiki heart said that, the regular one didn’t much give a shit.

So as we sat on the back patio this evening eating our dinner, listening to K sing some made up pop song about puppies and hamsters for the 10 millionth billionth time we realized that we don’t need a big ol Tiki party to inflict our love of Tiki on our loved ones…

All we need is a few strategically placed get togethers… Starting with Wednesday (you know, it’s a Holiday Wednesday, the 4th of some month) when we have a total of 3 adults, 1 child and 1 infant coming to our house. We will start with them (though they have all been thoroughly infected with Tiki by now).

What’s next? Who knows. Any Portland Metrobloggers out there? I warn you you may very well be invited to the Kaos Tiki Lounge. Family in town? Expect a small scale Tiki BBQ. Friends stopping by for a quiet evening? Haha Tiki shanghai.

I’ve decided that here at Kaos House anytime is Tiki time… so if you’re invited, be prepared.

13 thoughts on “tiki time?

  1. julie says:

    Mmmmmmm… rum!So, is your favorite Brady Bunch episode the one where Greg finds the Tiki idol, which brings back luck and makes him crash his surf board? Just wondering. Not that I’ve ever seen it or anything.

  2. DaddyKaos says:

    Everyone beware, CaptianKaos will make you watch Tiki Room episodes until hell freezes over. If you haven’t seen them, be prepared and enjoy. We will try to Tiki in September. And oh by the way, I hope you don’t have a favorite Brady Bunch episode. If you do, I can still sell you to the gypsies or maybe the Germans this time!

  3. Daveman says:

    Well – you could do this on your Disney Dream Vacation (i see a movie deal brewing) – at the hotel, watch the original Brady Bunch episode about the bad luck tiki, and the most recent Brady Bunch movie what briefly shows the bad luck tiki.., and all the while drink Tiki drinks in your Tiki glasses!OH! And I think there’s a few B-Movies out there with the Tiki theme. So you can have a small Tiki Party and Disney too! Yah, yah.., I know. Im a genius.

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Julie: No, I have never seen it (the episode not the show)…Daddy: No I have never seen it (the show not just the episode ;)… LM: You seem like a tiki drinki kind of gal to me!!

  5. Betsy says:

    Hmm….I think I need to drag you out to Thatch up near my house (if you haven’t been already, that is.) They don’t serve their drinks in tiki glasses, but everything else totally sets a tiki mood.But hey – if you decide you need to drag me over to your house instead, who am I to argue…?

  6. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    What fun! We go to Disneyland every year (we’re only 6 hours away). K will love it.

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