rush hour

Half the Summer I looked ahead to the lazy days of Fall when K would be back to school and I could have some time to myself. When I could nap, luxuriate in quiet, have long lunches or read a book...What was I thinking? What sort of bizarre dreamland was I living in and how … Continue reading rush hour

heat it up…

For many of you Summer is already here, but for those of us in Oregon we've been experiencing the glory of mild 70's and 80's, more like a warm spring...It's the lovely stuff that beautiful Portland weather is made of, but we can kiss that goodbye.At least for a few days.Friday is supposed to mark … Continue reading heat it up…

summer in view

there was so much sun today that it poured in the windows as I was trapped in my house. I could not leave, there was far too much to do.But even the brief moments when I ventured out into the yard to take out the garbage or sort the recycling were heavenly.The warm air pressing … Continue reading summer in view

tiki time?

By a show of hands how many of you know about my love of the Tiki goods?Eh, I'm not impressed, some of you have been skipping posts... I'll let it slide this time but I'm warning you there willll be a test soon (and maybe a prize for the winner).So yes, we aren't talking about … Continue reading tiki time?


I always think I hate summer. When asked what my favorite season is I will always answer Autumn. Or Fall. I have been known to say Fall. I always think I hate the summer. I hate it until it's nipping at my toes and kissing my face. Until the first time each year I'm watering … Continue reading seasoning