oh my gosh.

I couldn’t have seen this coming. I’m… well I’m speechless.

Umm, but luckily I’ve prepared a little something, just in case, though I never thought this would happen…

I’d like to thank my darling husband, Mr. Kaos, without his snark and love none of this would be possible….

And K of course for just being as cute as a button and having her mama’s sense of sass talk.

And my mom and dad who have been such a supportive force in my life, even when I’m an asshole.

Am I leaving someone out??? Oh yeah, my publicist, my agent, and all those little people who help me get through the day…

Of course… huh? Oh you have NO CLUE what I am talking about???

Oh you see Jess over at Oh, The Joys got a very cool… whatchamacallit… an award, a button (and with her usual style and grace made it even cooler. COOLER!) and then she said some stuff about some really cool gals and then, a very nice thing about me (I love hearing nice things about me).

… and that’s what’s with the acceptance speech. I accept the compliment. I have to say I’m a reader of a couple of the other women she spotlighted and they rock too.

So here is the original button bestowed… I like some of hers better (can I use the Cat Woman one? That’s right up my alley *Meow* can I can I?).

But here’s the thing, when I’m all done thanking (did I say thank you to you Jess? cause wow THANK – YOU) and I’m blue in the face from looking at my blog in the mirror I have some other rockin women to pass this honor on to… well there are more than a few to name, but a few is what I’m handing out.

So one for you Flutter. What your write, what you have to say from day to day is so different from what I find anywhere else in the big bloggy world and I love it. and hate it. hurt with it. and smile.

And Julie, gosh, you rock for so many reasons, not the least of which is the way you display your strength, softness and heart.

Last but not least is Kami. In the last few weeks I started reading her site, Kelson Krew, and I can’t stop. Kami, it isn’t just that your name is my bizarro-land doppelganger spelling, there’s just so much heart and levity in what you put out there. Plus I’m on pins and needles hoping that you and Susan are able to bring a child into your home because I get the feeling from your words that you two will make wonderful parents. So you’re rockin too.

What do you get for being rockin???? I think you have the right and privilege of displaying that button up there, and you get to call out a few women you find worthy of the “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” award.

(the “get the hell off the stage” music is playing… it’s too damn loud, I can’t shout over it and they shut off my mic so I guess I’ll talk you you all tomorrow….)

8 thoughts on “rockin

  1. flutter says:

    oh you DO rock, you DO!!! and wait a sec there, you said I do too!!, then you said you love me and hate me, and I am all conflicted and gosh I love you!Bravo!

  2. Kami says:

    Am I a total geek that your mention made me get teary-eyed? Thanks! Thanks! Thank you! Thanks! …and DITTO! You have become an integral part of my day!

  3. mielikki says:

    Way to go rocker girl, many many years from now, when your in a rocking chair I’ll make you a cat woman rocker button, then we’ll cackle like old ladies and wonder where the time went. . .

  4. 123Valerie says:

    How does one decide who is more rockin’ than the other.I’m a little stuck on my five because I’m having trouble limiting it. I’m glad to be in such good company!

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