mr. kaos: on the internet

CK: Oooohhhh

MK: ………….

CK: Look at this bunny

MK: I need to take my contacts out

CK: (tilting my laptop screen) can you see that bunny? It’s the cutest thing EVER…

MK: Yeah, “I can not has cheezburger, ohhhh the internet is a special place

CK: But it’s so cute look it can’t have a cheeseburger because it’s a vegetarian

MK: Look I’m trying to download some firefox extensions. The internet is stupid.

then he left to take a whiz… oh life in the Kaos house is special.

9 thoughts on “mr. kaos: on the internet

  1. sybil law says:

    “Special” is an interesting way to put it! HeeheeDo you remember the day you showed me that site, and we looked and laughed at every single one? Awesome. :)

  2. Daveman says:

    Im just curious if it was Mr. Bunny and were there any Ping Pong balls involved… ??? … this stuff is intense!

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