I have a friend…

I know, it’s hard to believe that someone could put up with me, aside from Mr. Kaos (cause we have a thing) but despite my many quirks and issues I do indeed have a friend. A couple in fact, but this is about one friend in particular.


(yes Chad, you, I said the hookup would happen, did you not believe me? Did you think it would be a more subtle form of pimping? I haven’t gotten any more subtle with age.)

Chad is not only an amazing friend but he is, in general, a wonderful person who has spent 72 of his 30 some years of life learning things.

A few of the fascinating things he’s learned? To teach women not to let the man (or the men) put them down. That he looks sexy with a shiny head. D&D can be fun but it’s bad for your reputation. What he does in the kitchen can’t necessarily be called cooking. Oh and ALL that other stuff he jammed into those 106 years of school.

This brings me somewhere in the general vicinity of my point: Chad, who has learned so much, done so much for so many people, and should be an inspiration to others, has started a blog.

I know I can’t believe he didn’t have one either!!!

Now that he has one I firmly believe that someone should read it.

Firmly. Believe.

Because you never know what golden droppings of truth will trickle down.

Jeez that sounds untoward. He won’t be peeing on anyone I promise…

Can I safely make that promise Chad?

With that said, I hope I haven’t turned you all off his blog

8 thoughts on “I have a friend…

  1. mielikki says:

    Ok, been there, commented. The male bloggers usually have a different style and viewpoint, and its fun to read them, too. I hope he continues!

  2. CamiKaos says:

    This morning he left me a message (or was it last night) that he was ready for the infusion of Cami Blog Love… not in those words… his were about veins and what not… but he said he was ready… and I left him a note a few minutes ago to get some more content up there pronto. Lets see if he listens as well as you guys. You made me proud sybil and mielikki, hopping right over there to say hello.

  3. Oh, The Joys says:

    So… uh… should I go and … er.. visit his site? (not sure… there was some subtle hinting…)Heh.

  4. CamiKaos says:

    You know peeps… He said he was ready for us but last I checked he still had the soaking post up and just the soaking post.I saw all of your super welcoming greatness. You all rock…and he may be hiding UNDER a rock… But I just saw that he is online… He may not have been ready for the super bloggers that are heading over there…Are you Chad? Are you ready???

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