plumbing 101 with Mr. Kaos

So lets face it that creepy dream post I posted earlier… it was crap. It was a cop out. I thought I wouldn’t have anything good to post for you guys today so I just threw up the last thing I recalled from sleeping.. though I did have that dream.

I felt cheap though. Unwashed. Dirty. And not dirty in that sexy sexy way. Dirty in the letting people down way. Sad dirty. My kid played in the rocks and dirt for an hour and she needs a shower dirty. Savvy?

So I have a present for you… Mr. Kaos’ first go at attaching shower pieces…

and his second…

I have a feeling he would get more done if I didn’t film him. I also have a feeling those would be more entertaining if you didn’t have to turn the sound up so high to hear him compare plumbing to vasectomies.

2 thoughts on “plumbing 101 with Mr. Kaos

  1. mielikki says:

    ask the mister if he wants a job here in podunk. I could recommend him to a few urologists who would love to have him demonstrate his vasectomy techniques.

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