meet the meat dude…

Envision the Kaos Family out front of the Kaos house. Watering roses, drawing chalk outlines, basking in the yard work of our neighbors, all from our little shaded patio. Suddenly a truck pulls to a halt in front of our well kept lawn. A big truck. A white truck. A truck with green letters that make out, among others, the words “Neighborhood” “Delivery” and “Meat”.

The passenger side window of the truck rolls down and the meat dude stretches his face across the cab to yell:

Meat Dude: Hey you guys!


Meat Dude: Hey!! You guys!! Do you like to burn a nice steak?

Us: No thank you.

Meat Dude: How about Pork, Chicken or Seafood?

Me: No thank you!!

Mr. Kaos: Umm, not today.

What? You guys don’t have a meat dude in your neighborhood?

9 thoughts on “meet the meat dude…

  1. CamiKaos says:

    we have no idea. we want no idea. we will never eat his meat.yuck.and not just because he seemed, un, un, un like a high quality butcher… after he left we quietly whispered “The meat dude sells people”

  2. CamiKaos says:

    Matty: no, that would have made him kind of cool…ish, in the ice cream truck wayflutter. my sentiments EXACTLYlandismom: the guy in the icecream truck gives me the creeps too.syb: I think that’s what he said later…

  3. Kristen McD says:

    We have three meat men! They ride around in a pickup truck together with a big freezer bungee corded to the bed. I came home once to find my husband had purchased – $150 – of assorted steaks and burgers. How did he know it was real meat and not girlfriend?They would have said it was chicken, if it were girlfriend.Can’t argue with that logic…

  4. CamiKaos says:

    kristen: maybe it’s the 4 margaritas I just had with my friends and family, but that is some sound logic…

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