sunday morning snooze…

It is 9:15 on Sunday morning and the whole family is right here in the bed.

K is curled up watching Scooby Doo cartoons and rubbing her little feet together like a cricket.

Mr. Kaos is slumbering, breathing softly while his eyes move back and forth beneath their lids.

The cats are milling, doing the things cats do.

Me? I’m here, stretched out and yawning, adoring my family, reading some blogs, yawning a little more and contemplating the day that is Sunday.

For some it is a quiet family day, for others a day to worship, or to shop and finish up those errands before the week ahead, or to climb a mountain or walk along a beach…

For us? You might easily guess that we like to spend our Sundays in a quiet way, curled up, stretching out, listening to great music and loving our home, our life and family…

But today, today we’re gonna finish ripping shit out of that damn bathroom. I know, can you believe we aren’t done? We have just an hour or two left getting some drywall down neatly without disturbing the wall around it… Then at long last we can make a start. The window is in, the decisions have all been made, I think every damn thing has been purchased….

I’ll let you all know how it goes, when we get out of bed that is…

5 thoughts on “sunday morning snooze…

  1. landismom says:

    I love curling up with my kids on Sunday mornings, too. There’s something about that early morning cuddling!

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