the wind up…

I am wondering if this bathroom remodel is the wind up to the bigger badder remodel coming around the bend. There are a few more things we need* to do to make this house livable for the long run. Like the other bathroom with it’s badly installed vinyl floor, the toilet that Kaptain Kaos just doesn’t like, the sink with cigarette burns, the shower surround that leaks. Or the basement, it is vast and huge, the size of our entire main floor, and we use it all the time for laundry, entertainment, music, etc… It’s gross. We need to redo the walls and haul out all of the flooring, put in cabinetry, soundproof so we don’t hear the herd of elephants tromping along beside our cats upstairs. And the kitchen, oh the kitchen**. Having a new kitchen would make life considerably easier.

With progress finally being made in the bathroom and K’s school only 13 days from being out for the Summer Kaptain Kaos and I are both girding ourselves for the next big thing, but we’re having trouble agreeing on which project we’ll set ourselves to.

He thinks we should finish up this bathroom and then head straight for the other since it will be easier than the 1st, then head to the kitchen. Where as I, I would like to finish up this bathroom and then head straight for the Kitchen while it is still summer and we can use our considerable outdoor cooking prowess without a ton of rain days, then I’d like to spend some real time in the upstairs bathroom as it will one day be part of our master suite and I want to make some substantial improvements by completely redoing the shower and building some cabinets into one of the low walls. I want to make it a getaway (a tiny tiny getaway but a getaway nonetheless). Besides we can remodel a bathroom anytime of the year.

But I’m writing this because I want to know, what do all of you think?

What should we work on next? Want to see me take my kitchen down to the studs??? Or my other bathroom?

I’m curious.

*Read need as want to do so badly we may just start ripping shit down in a crazy margarita enabled flurry. again.

**Since the day we first laid eyes on the kitchen I have wanted to own it so I could kill it. kill it dead. kill the avocado paisley counter top, the nasty cabinets, the nasty windows EV.RY. THING. Except the appliances which we purchased anticipating that our kitchen would someday be nice.

10 thoughts on “the wind up…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    I remember when you bought those shiny beautiful appliances. How you both talked about how beautiful that kitchen would be. When I met them, I stood with the Kaptain as he explained it all. The Queen pouring wine. They were shiny and wonderful! Make the rest of it to match.

  2. Matty says:

    I concur with BW: destroy the kitchen.You get the big job out of the way, and as you said, cooking outdoors is an option at this point, so it seems like the thing to do.Kill the kitchen, make it yours, and for the sake of your sanity install a vent over the stove!

  3. Chadness says:

    I don’t think this question can be evaluated by your remote subscribers without some visual point of reference. We need pictures.But, it is sounding like the kitchen is the winner.

  4. Lindyloo says:

    Kitchen first!! Just point out that if it’s winter/cold when you’re doing the kitchen you’ll have to spend all that money on take away pizzas and well you could run up a pretty serious bill. The threat of spending even more money would change my guys tune!

  5. Cami's Mom says:

    My Darling Daughter, Fix the damn kitchen. As someone who has cooked, cleaned and made birthday cakes in said kitchen, fix the Mom

  6. Kaptain Kaos says:

    kristen mcd: yeah, I didn’t either, but there’s a cigarette burn on the sink unit…Since Mom says the kitchen (’cause she’s bitchin’ about making cakes) I guess I have to do it. Though, the size of the kitchen will still be “1920’s small”…

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