window to my soul… scratch that

In the two weeks of bathroom demo I have pulled a lot of things out. Walls, tiles, loose floor, filth, insulation, giant rusted metal dildos…

But all the while I resisted the urge to rip out the window because we didn’t have one to put in it’s place and I loathed the thought of a big open space for bums to pee in, plastic wrap or a huge board. It actually took more restraint than one might think, especially since I had to take out the mouldings and drywall all around the window to get a better look at what was there.

I could have popped that sucker out with a few whacks. Thump thump oops the window’s out dear.

I could have but did I? No people I did not.

So what the hell is that big ol board doing over my window???

Mr. Kaos???

Mr. “Cock Master” Kaos (did anyone catch his comment the other day, our friend DD the lawyer man gave him that name in a drunken ball of funny one night… who knew? Not me, I was apparently too drunk 6 years ago to recall where it came from).

As I was working the gentle earth in my little patch o garden last night talking to the birds, the plants, K and President Reid, Mr. Kaos came around the corner into the backyard, safety goggles on, dust mask secured toting the bottom half of our bathroom window.

All I could do was sigh. When you know someone as well as I know Mr. Kaos you should expect them to do this kind of thing. But honestly I was a little surprised, I had him pegged for ripping it out about 3 hours earlier.

So my today will be filled with phone calls (and hopefully visits) from window people because for now the window to my bathroom is not a window to my soul, it’s a window to my junk pile… which I guess is kind of be the same thing.

10 thoughts on “window to my soul… scratch that

  1. mielikki says:

    And the fun just keeps on going. Good luck with the window! But, think of it this way. It is better ventilation, and your guests? Will never have to light a match!

  2. Laurie says:

    i thought you said pooped it out. and i thought, damn that would hurt. that is way too much project for me!

  3. CamiKaos says:

    laurie: as much as pooping out a window would bother me, I can’t imagine the process of eating it would have been too much fun either.

  4. Daveman says:

    (ahem – and forgive me)That looks like a Pane in the glass! – you were all but asking for it.. -winks- ..Your husband must be watching too much Tool Time. Keep the man away from Tim (Taylor) Allen and more focused on Bob Villa. ;-)

  5. Allen Holman says:

    I’m no expert, but you should probably not have a metal dildo hiding under your floor. Just a suggestion. :-p

  6. CamiKaos says:

    mcewen: I am both relieved and saddened that our windows have a similar viewdaveman: lolallen: i would tend to agree with you, but I found mine in the wall, window casing actually. It is a counterweight for our stone age windows… After spending 2 days trying to get a contractor to give me the time of day (or even a return phone call) Mr. Kaos has gone of to one of the big ol home improvement stores… he’ll either come home with one tonight or order it…

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