post election day rainbow…

Last night was the election. Anybody want to guess what happened???

By the by, as I write this my Internet connection is DOWN. I think there is a plague, I don’t know if I will even be able to post again. I may have to leave my hermit hut and head over to a coffee shop for wifi. I would get my connection the old fashioned way like Oh The Joys (stealer stealer stealer, I think I said I would do the same) but all our neighbors lock down their access.

Last night I went to dinner with my GG, Uncle B, Mr. Kaos, K, My brother Matty, his lovely S and her mom L (hi all!). When we got to the restaurant GG and Uncle B (wine making, drink drinking, jazz playing Uncle B) were already sitting at the bar with a couple of fine martinis looking like Oregon and its mighty weather had beaten them DOWN. (Did I mention the freak hailstorm?)

They perked up when they saw us. GG went straight into love love love super Great Grandma land noting how much bigger and more mature K had grown since last she saw her, Uncle B quickly transitioned from happy to see his family to Jazz man extraordinaire as he and Mr. Kaos chatted about this and that and chops and sit-ins and all good things music related… and assholes which are apparently eternally linked.

We moved to our table and Mr. Kaos and I ordered martinis while little K enjoyed a fine Shirley Temple. When the rest of the party arrived we laughed more and ordered dinner. It was such a great evening; it was so good to be with my family. It’s so good being me.

Oh, but whatever happened at the election? By the time we were ready to call it a night and put the poor tired girl to bed it was 20 to ten and I figured the election must be over. I clearly must have been defeated since Reid assured me he would not run me if anyone else was interested. Knowing this I quietly tucked my little one into bed secure in the knowledge that I would not be VP. Our minds were all at ease especially K’s for she told me several times how she felt about mommy being a neighborhood politician; she wants her nice normal mommy who talks to herself throughout the day, writes long blogs with no way to post them, curls up to watch a movie in the afternoon with her and smashes down walls because she wants to see what is inside them.

Dreamland came for the littlest Kaos while Mr. and I stayed up talking late into the night. I can’t recall all we discussed but it started as it so often does with the Daily Show and moved onto my family, then jazz, then artists and athletes and ended in sound sleep.

But what did happen at that election? Was someone else talked into the position of utmost stupidity? No, someone actually WANTED IT. She wanted it so badly everyone in the room could taste it. She yelled and rallied, screamed and shouted, pushed and pulled and hollered. I had friends who had shown up to support me. They didn’t know exactly what they would do to support me until they arrived and saw all the commotion, the heat flying every which way, heard the yelling and screaming, saw red faces with veins popping out of the necks they were attached to. So then hoping against hope that they were doing what I wanted they voted against me.

Against Madam Vice President Kaos.

Their votes put me over the edge… and I lost, but only just. So today’s post (if it ever makes it up, if my Internet is ever restored) is dedicated to KB and SB. You gals rock!

Oh and to Reid, for actually telling everyone there that if elected I would delegate delegate delegate until all of my underlings buzzed around me like busy little bees while I sat back in my chair laughing maniacally and taking all the credit. You got me off the hook man, good luck with Vice President angry gal…

10 thoughts on “post election day rainbow…

  1. sybil law says:

    I fear for your neighborhood with some control freak like that 2nd in command! YUCK. What an ass she must be! But I am glad you are not a politician, too – now I can still be your friend. :) YAY!

  2. CamiKaos says:

    syb: Hooray, friends forever!lindyloo: Thank you so much, I have never been so happy about losing something in my life!

  3. mielikki says:

    Yay for you! I don’t know if I could have handled the stress of having family in office. . .speaking of family, I am glad you had such a nice dinner with B and GG. Its always nice to have dinner with them. And when B gets around other musicians! Giggle. Its always entertaining.

  4. landismom says:

    Lucky! I had a similar strategy for losing the PTA presidency election this week, unfortunately no one else wanted it. Sigh…

  5. CamiKaos says:

    landismom: I am so sorry for your win. I have felt such an incredible lightness since my loss, I really hope someone else steps up for you next year!

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