Friday… really?

It seems to be going around the blog world like a plague, Friday that is. Not Thank God It’s Friday but really, it’s Friday already? I have to say I am on board with the “Friday?” feel, even with all I’ve gotten done this week I still can’t believe the week is over.

I spent yesterday in baggy clothes, a bandanna tied around my head, a surgical mask over my mouth and nose and big yellow safety glasses firmly in place. Let’s not forget my leather work gloves. Sex machine of the bathroom remodel, that’s me. So I chipped, smacked, whacked and cursed the tile surround of our tub until it eventually crumbled to pieces. K cried (it was pink tile and by taking it out I have proven to her once and for all that I hate pink, who knew?). It took hours, it felt like days, but I whacked and smacked until every last pink nasty tile was in pieces in the bottom of our tub. Well, all but the 5 tiles I managed to take out whole.

The good news; I got it done. The bad news; lots of rot and mold so we may have to replace a wall. Blech.

While I’ve been smashing and bashing Mr. Kaos has been so busy working at the conglomerate that I’ve had to do the demo work on my own, well almost… I did have a little help:

Child labor laws be damned, over the weekend I’m going to have her start the kitchen remodel.

5 thoughts on “Friday… really?

  1. mielikki says:

    I want to see the video of you in your sexy remodel gear. When your done, I have a few projects. . . though your hourly rate would probably sink me!

  2. CamiKaos says:

    the only video of me working was taken yesterday before K knocked out the splash gaurd. K filmed me loosening it up for her since the first time she tried she bonked herself in the head with that mallet (I have video of that too). Half of it is upside down and I am not even wearing the super sexy mask, but I will try to post it later… right now I have to haul the tiles out in buckets. FRIDAY FUNDAY. xoxo

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