one track mind…

Normally I am able to wiggle myself free of a topic but not now, not this week. All I can think of is the crazy fast bathroom overhaul. It was a day between “lets replace the toilet babe” and the actual drinking of the margaritas and ripping out the toilet. Less than a day really.

Sunday, 8:30 am post coital sweet talk:

MK: I think we should just go for it, that toilet drives me crazy.

CK: Yeah, it bugs me too, we’ll figure it out.

Sunday, 2:00 pm post grocery shopping nutso talk:

MK: When are you going to make the margaritas? I want to get started in the bathroom.

CK: Really? What do you think we should do about the floor and the—

MK: They’re fine, lets just worry about the toilet. Seriously, are you making margaritas?

Sunday, 5:00 pm post toilet removal glory

MK: We’ve got to get a new toilet.

CK: No shit.

Sunday, 11:00 pm, nice tidings for sweet dreams

MK: I think you’re right.

CK: Of course I am… What am I right about?

MK: You need to decide what to do with the floor. We need to replace it, and find a sink… when do you think we can have this done?

CK: Sweet dreams babe.

MK: No really when?

CK: goodnight.

Well I did it, I found a toilet, I found a sink, I found a faucet. They all match, they are all super fantastic and they are all sitting in our living room.

We found the tile last night in a late night bathroom shopping extravaganza that ended in Chinese take-out.

The uh oh? There isn’t any of it anywhere in Oregon except the one 12″ section we found last night.

The woo hoo? They’ve got a bunch of it in Vancouver. I guess it’s going to be the Kaos family field trip to Washington tonight. Anybody need some Sudafed while we’re there?

4 thoughts on “one track mind…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    OMG. That is funny. I’ve heard those conversations between you two. I could actually hear Mr K. “Seriously, you’re making margaritas?” I laughed out loud and so damn hard. I can’t wait – less then a month.

  2. Velma says:

    I’m predicting Monday you’ll finally be done, if margaritas are involved again this weekend. Got to give yourself a little wiggle room when there are margaritas involved.

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