the floss…

Friday night, we’re all in bed watching Spongebob, K is just starting to snooze as I floss my teeth while Mr. Kaos looks up something music related on the vast store of knowledge that is the world wide web.

MK: That just sounds so wrong.

CK: What Spongebob?

MK: No, flossing, there is something so unnatural about putting something between your teeth.

CK: No there isn’t, it feels GOOD.

K: I like putting things between my teeth.

MK: You’re both sick.

CK: You know who else really likes flossing?

MK: The unibomber?

CK: No, Sybil does.

MK: I don’t even wanna know why you know that.

Hmm… Why do I know that Sybil? And does your girl like to floss too?

2 thoughts on “the floss…

  1. sybil law says:

    You know that, just like you know that I love the smell of band-aids. Because we are freakish alike and we probably talk too much. Gilda looooves to floss. Since your husband is the odd man out, doesn’t that make HIM the freak?! YES!Because flossing is so, so good. It feels so good and so clean. Mmm…..

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