sleepy sleepless sleepit…

It is ten til nine… I write the words because I feel too dirty and can not face them as numerals… suddenly I am not tired… WHY? My best guess, K just fell asleep and I am free to sleep but suddenly with her snoozing away (and no coughing people, no coughing) I am also free to do other things… What? I don’t even know! I could fold laundry or clean something or watch tv or read a book or talk to Mr…. hmmm tv sounds good. talking sounds good. Girl scout cookies sound good too. Please oh please oh please… let me show some form of sleep related will power. I have passed the phase of exhaustion that makes me want to sleep and reached the part where I get hysterical. Insane and maniacal laughter starts to issue forth.

This is sometimes a problem with me, the maniacal laughter.

I remember this one time in particular when I was in high school a bunch of us were over at my friend Chad’s house (hi chaddy!!!) late one night playing D&D (yes D&D I did A LOT of that). It was late. It was too late. It was so late that even though no one had been smoking anything at all we were all suffering from munchies so severe we would do ANYTHING to appease our appetites (short of internal organs or cannibalism I assume). I ate a bowl of whipped cream and chocolate syrup (and not in the sexy way). Chad made some gross egg and soup related concoction that he apparently made ALL THE TIME but had never made in front of me.

Then the sugar and the egg and the ridiculous boys made me laugh. and then I laughed some more. a lot more. hysterically and I wound up under the table laughing so hard I hit my head and it hurt and that was so funny to me that, you guessed it, I laughed and laughed some more.

NO DRUGS WERE CONSUMED THAT EVENING (at least not by me or Chad, I can’t vouch for all the others, but I am pretty sure…)

I laughed and laughed and laughed until they called the night over on account of my laughing… My stomach hurt for a week.

Why was I so tired? Probably because I had been out until an ungodly hour sneaking around with my boyfriend every night that week. Climbing out of windows and over fences to escape the fortress of parentude (I am sooooooo locking K in a tower Rapunzel style, she will have to work to sneak out damn it).

My point in all this is that every little thing seems soooo funny and I can feel it coming, the hysterical laughter with tummy pains. It is the best ab workout on earth people… and you only have to go a week without sleep to get it!!!


2 thoughts on “sleepy sleepless sleepit…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    I hope you got to sleep. Good sleep. No coughing sleep.. SLEEP… I bet you are still sleeping, considering it’s 4am your time. I HOPE you are sleeping… sweet dreams. :)

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