mama me…

Today I am mama Kaos with the sick baby. Yes she is very nearly 5 years old but if you have a kid (or a spouse) I am sure you know that when they are sick they are your baby (or a baby) all over again. As I am writing to all you good folks out there in Internet land she lays next to me in her bug pj’s with her alarmingly long clean smelling hair watching cartoons… she just asked if it is time for school… my reply: “baby you have a fever, and a cough, you had to take cough medicine”. Her reply: “Oh”

She doesn’t have the fight in her today. You can see there will be no cracker smack down.

Today is such a stark contrast to yesterday, yesterday when I was a horribly boring mama who had not an ounce of fun in her. Today I am love. Yes. It’s what she told me

“Mama, you are home, you are so much love COUGH COUGH”

Sadly I am also in for a long long day. Tomorrow Nana arrives, but before she is here to take some of this heavy heavy weight off my shoulders for a couple of weeks I have to get through today and today, today is tough.

Today is Great Grandma’s Birthday
Today we are worried about Uncle D

Today is a sick day for K
Today we’re supposed to have family dinner
Today I will get Nana’s room ready
Today that cough is worrisome
Today my man seems stressed
Today there is so much to do

Today is a day I need to get started.

3 thoughts on “mama me…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    What’s up with Uncle D? He ok??? Why do you worry me so!!!I am sorry the little one is not feeling well. :( Hope she feels better for Nana.

  2. Christy Zutautas says:

    Hope your baby is feeling better soon, that is so nice that she called you “love.” Sounds like your having, “one of those days.” Hope everything is back to normal soon!

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