a very kaos birthday…

March 7th

5:30 pm: Mr Kaos gets home and whisks K away for a whirlwind of shopping that I am clueless about

6:00 pm: My friend T arrives… I am already on the front porch before she is out of her car… we wander the neighborhood a little… I’m like an ill behaved puppy because I get to go out on a weeknight.

6:20 pm: We arrive at my favorite bar/ restaurant in the neighborhood for drinks and dinner. We’re greeted by the super friendly tall host busboy guy… I think his name is A. Hooray. We’ve arrived. He shows us to our table where I see one of my very very favorite waitresses ever, R. We promptly order drinks.

6:30 pm: Commence drinking. My phone rings. I can hear it and am oh so irritated by the noise but I can’t find it.

7:00 pm: We order food. Good food. big food. A story about skiing occurs. A horror story. I decide I never want to go skiing.

My time line for last night gets fuzzy here… so much talking good company good food. Good time. I find out that R’s husband’s birthday is the 8th as well. I have never met anyone with my birthday before and I am thrilled. I know what he’s getting for his birthday… he’s gonna be happy! It is terribly quiet in the restaurant and T and I try to lob our obscenities quietly at the wall. R had no other tables, or was getting off work so the 3 of us have a lovely chat about music, men and bigots. My phone rings again, though much more quietly since I eventually did find it and turn it down. I see the time… it’s about 8:30… it’s Mr. Kaos on the phone. I think to myself, oh that’s great, K is only getting to bed 30 minutes late and answer. I hear car noises. Yes car noises. They’re kind of heading home, but do I have the phone number for the Chinese Takeout place? Yes, I do. I offer to call in the order for them and then continue the drinking… but it is time to get home.

9:00 pm ish: T and I meander home blah blah hahaaahaaa heeheee. Good times. We get home shortly after Mr. Kaos and K and find them in bed eating Chinese Food and watching Educational TV.

9:30 pm ish: T is sober and ready to go, she leaves. Bye T. Thank you. So fun. Happy day.

10:00 pm: K is finally asleep. I head into the living room to see Mr. Kaos putting together his bran new telescope. My life seems a little surreal.

March 8th

12:07 am: Mr. Kaos says happy birthday… I decide I really need to sleep.

1:30 am ish: I actually fall asleep

insert sleeping here

5:45 am: Mr. Kaos is up getting ready for a big meeting that has been rescheduled too many times… I hear the coffee making… I hear morning noises… shuffling about and I fade back into sleep.

6:45 am: Mr. says I can’t wait til you wake up today. I ask if I have to get up but he says no…Bye bye Mr. have a nice day at work. more sleep

7:00 am ish: I can’t sleep. The child is sleeping. I don’t want to get up so I check the TiVo. It knows I need something to do, it recorded America’s Next Top Model. I don’t want to watch this show but I do. Oh, crap TV at it’s crappiest…

7:35 am: ANTM is over (love the TiVo). I can’t take it anymore I wake up the child. I ask for snuggles. She doesn’t actually snuggle me but she scoots into me so I can snuggle her. So I poke her on the shoulder a few times… wakey wakey little one. she did. eventually. She told me happy birthday and dragged me out to the dining room to show me the the fabulous decorations hanging from the fan and sitting at the table. hehee…

7:45 am: Why is K coughing like that? Why does she have a runny nose? Why does she sound more like a 60 year old jazz singer who smoked two packs a day since she was 14 and less like a 5 year old girl? Because she is my daughter and she must be sick on my birthday.

8:00 am: Convince K it will be more fun to stay home with me. Promise her that as long as she doesn’t have a fever we will still all go out to lunch when daddy Kaos gets home and that yes yes her babysitter can still come play with her this evening… Call the school. Call my mommy.

8:11 am: Hee hee. I’m 30.

8:23 am: breakfast is done. I am so sleepy. I can’t wait until Mr. Kaos comes home…

3 thoughts on “a very kaos birthday…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    Have the best 30th birthday ever. Love you. Yes, I read early. Cause it’s your birthday TODAY not tomorrow! LOL!

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