I have more bitches about my stitches. 6 days now with stitches in my face and I am going crazy. CRAZY I tell you… and today is not sane.. and my week is not sane nor are the weeks ahead. Too much too do and so little time and some how tonight I am squeezing in a viewing of Young Frankenstein on the big screen to honor the late great Peter Boyle who apparently passed away last night. Sad.

Today’s run down: drop K off at school. house stuff. type stuff. shower. clean said stitches. bandage stitches for the 6 millionth time. pick up K from school. greet mom & dad (big brother you are so good picking them up). get P’s settled. get take out for dinner. Put K to bed. watch Young Frankenstein.

that’s enough for me.

PS: tomorrow the stitches come out!!!

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