the perfect thing

I don’t like to go shopping. I hate being out pawing around for the perfect gift, it hurts my brain, it hurts my heart, it just hurts.

But if I happen to stumble upon that PERFECT something… If I’m out strolling with my kid and the perfect thing leaps out and says “I’m for your mom” I’m really okay with that.

Yesterday was our quiet day… strike that… yesterday should have been our quiet day but I had a package and a couple of big ol envelopes to mail so I had to go to the *shudder* post office. Normally not so bad, but at this time of year it’s just scary. I thought I was being clever by going after lunch hour… I thought it would be quiet in there and wham bam thank you postal ma’am… in and out. NO. When we arrived the line was out in the lobby. Luckily the people seemed to be cheery neighborhood folks who were making the best of the waiting by chatting and smiling, laughing as the kids played and we waited… and waited… for 30 minutes. When that was done I was hungry so K and I took off to a local lunch spot where I knew I could get some good soup. The soup was good food. Then off to a couple of places… we needed a specific cat toy for Spike… then it was off to home… except something in a window caught my eye… I can’t tell you what it was on the off chance my mom reads this (are you there mom? I’m not telling). It wasn’t the actual item that I saw, but something similar that drew me in and got me investigating… and then as I was about to leave I saw IT. I knew IT was IT. I got it. I bought it and as I was on my way home with it I saw another little shop that called me in. The shop dog was there, sniffing, being happy, entertaining K and as I pawed through a few items (again I’m not saying what they were, only that they were for the most part rectangular) something up above my head shined for a brief moment and I thought of my daddy… oh yes… something he will love… his own… his precious…

Okay I’ve taken that a bit far. The point is I love to find the perfect thing to make some one smile and I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces…

and now I’m done????

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