consumer cami goes holiday shopping… but you know, online.

It’s the holiday season and as of today I believe I have completed all of my holiday shopping. Yes. All of it. I have gifts for everyone on my list. I have a tree. Okay, I have two trees. I have stocking stuffers that… well potentially in an excessive amount. I have more holiday candy than an entire family needs and I’ve done my toy donations too.

I’d congratulate myself except it was stress induced. Knowing I was having surgery (That’s done now. I’m healing.) and moving (That’s done now but we still live out of boxes.) within a two-week period of one another right before the holidays prompted me to really put the pedal to the metal as it were.

In fact, just today I stopped at two stores in person to pick up a couple of unnecessary but special last-minute items. Mostly because I like to support my locally-owned shops. But this post, it’s about online shopping. So here, in no particular order, are amazing local Portland makers and purveyors that I love to support. Maybe you will too?

Shopping online?

  • Maple XO– Woman-owned Portland business that takes thrashed skateboard decks (and sometimes wheels) and gives them new life. They make jewelry, accessories, and a few things for the home, including my all-time favorite bottle opener. Their items aren’t just for skaters and skateboard enthusiasts. They’re for anyone who appreciates beauty, fashion, function, creative upcycling, and being badass.
  • Badge Bomb– Buttons, stickers, pins, patches, and so many other stocking stuffers it could make your head spin. Locally founded in 2008 by the team that brought us One Inch Round In 2008 to create their own unique line of goods using imagery that they believe in. Want something custom done in bulk… check out One Inch Round. With podcasts, events, blogs, and just general Portlandness my partner and I have had so many buttons produced by them I couldn’t even begin to count.
  • ATeaLeaf– Beautiful, uncommon, and affordable jewelry made by hand in the Pacific Northwest, Alissa Thiele brings the most amazing retro funk to smooth designs that are incredibly wearable. And so lightweight. Bonus as you scroll through the items you get a peek at her vintage dishes which are the same Corningware design I ate off of every day in my youth.
  • A Kid’s Co– Books. Books for kids. Books with heart and soul to help to unravel ideas and happenings that are hard for adults to break down but that kids really need to know about. Titles like A Kids Book About Racism, A Kids Book About Empathy, A Kid’s Book About Body Image, A Kids Book About White Privilege, and a Kids Book about Feminism… and those are just the first ones that come to mind. They have an amazing collection of books to help kids and families understand what truly matters in the world. And did I mention the podcasts…
  • OTTI– Okay so this maker isn’t, strictly speaking, local. Anymore. But I happen to know that as I type this she’s in town for Portland Night Market and she was a long-time resident of our lovely little town of Portland. She makes some of the most incredible earrings I’ve seen. Every time she drops a new line, my heart is aflutter. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also find necklaces, pocket knives, mobiles, and more. Her work is amazing and her Instagram account is totes worth following, especially for glimpses of her sweet doggo Annie.
  • Sock It to Me – Socks. Most people need them. I myself LOVE them. Sock It To Me has them. And undies, And they’re all just so freaking cute and comfy. Every year my little family gets the latest Sock It to Me holiday editions in their stockings and this year is no exception. Unless they’re reading this and then no I totally didn’t get you socks this year why are you reading my shopping posts?! For the rest of you, get some cute, comfy, locally sourced cozy footwear that is sure to please. Socks, they’re not sad gifts anymore.

Bonus Round: Artists

  • Josh Daily – Last year shortly before December my partner and I were at the UPS store in our neighborhood for some reason. For the life of me, I can’t remember what we were doing, but there we were. We were chatting with the lovely owner when a guy came in with a huge box. Everything stopped. All activity behind the counter ceased as they converged upon him to ask what he was shipping this time. That man was a local Portland artist named Josh Daily. He creates stunning and unique works of art from recycled metal and those works of art are… well they’re amazing. You can find more about him and his work at his site along with a list of places you can snag some of his art in person. Need something in time for the holidays? He’s a fixture at Portland Saturday Market.
  • Shanna Lee Hampton – Sometimes you really love the work of an artist. Sometimes you love what an artist stands for. Sometimes you get to enjoy both. Shanna Lee Hamptom is an activist, advocate, dreamer, and creator of some absolutely amazing embroidery and mixed media fabric pieces. I’ve only had the honor of purchasing two works from her, but both have a place forever in my heart. As does the work she does for underserved communities here in my hometown of PDX. Marvel at her work and at her the vastness of her love for this world. And as she says, Love you. Mean it.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got in me today. I know I have missed other amazing local companies and folks, but this is the list that was in my heart today. What are your favorite local folks to support? Local to you? Local to me? Whatever. Let’s give our money to people we want to support. Tell me where you shop!

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