what time is it?

This morning when I woke up at, on the west coast, what was a ridiculous hour but was just plain early on the east coast I did what I always do when it’s dark and I’m tired and I don’t know what time it is. I asked Alexa what time it is.

And she didn’t answer. So I asked her again and was stunned by her refusal to talk to me. Hurt by her silent treatment. And I shifted in the bed and reached for my phone and it was only when I made contact with its cool smooth surface that I remembered that I do not travel with a Dot.

I’ve taken several trips since Alexa came into my life and each time I’ve resisted the urge to take her with me. I’ve reminded myself I would likely just be frustrated by her limited functionality away on the road. No lights to turn on. No routines to play. So unless I was willing to also travel with smart plugs and wanter around my hotel room setting up home automation for short stays it would not be worthwhile.

To me I say: you’re an idiot.

When I travel I do tend to miss my people. And I don’t tend to spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. But I’m now seriously considering if traveling with that little round slice of technology would ease my transition into comfort during work travel. To tell me what time it is. To drop in on my home people. To listen to music the way I am now so accustomed to doing so.

So traveling folks. Any of you travel with a device like the Echo or Dot? Advice?

2 thoughts on “what time is it?

  1. brianenigma says:

    I know that the Fire TV plays well with hotel WiFi. I travel with my Fire TV Stick, and it’s a great thing to have around. I’m less clear whether the Echo can easily hop onto hotel Wifi and get through all that confirmation-prompt and “please upgrade to premium wifi” junk they throw in your face…?

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