modern visitation…

Waking. Air was moving as the fan gently pressed my sheets against me but the world felt still. I have to go in for an exam and some blood work today. All normal stuff. But it always sets my nerves on edge. So I checked my phone notifications. Listened to my stomach growl. Looked at photos on Instagram. Thought about hopping out of bed. Opened up Facebook and took a stroll down memory lane. Normally I find a great picture of K or Rick. Or there’s a reminder of a restaurant we loved. Or hated.

Today there was a note from my Aunt Shelly.

My. Aunt is gone. She’s dead. And none of us dealt well with her passing.
And I for one am not a big believer in the afterlife. Not in heaven and hell and limbo. I firmly believe that I just don’t know. I don’t know what happens to us after we die.

But with each step technology takes it seems to bring us closer to something like immortality or at the very least a digital afterlife where our words can live on for and ring out to our loved ones.

IMG_1238Message received.

I love you, Aunt Shelly. I’ll give K a kiss for you. I hope you get this thing all figured out and settle in soon…

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