dear cat…

dear catDear Cat,

I hear you. Both on an audible level meaning I hear your loud howling and meowling. The heavy clomp of the kitty-paws I know can be so delicately silent. And the out-of-character hissing at your brother-cat. And on an emotional level I hear the intensity behind those kitty cries. And the pent-up energy tied up in your clomping and running around like a nimble herd of elephants.

But I’m beginning to feel a bit like I did as a new mother listening to the cries of my infant daughter. I know you want something. BUT WHAT? There’s food in your dish. Clean water in your bowl. Your litter box is clean. The sliding door is open so you can lay in front of it and survey your domain with the fresh air tickling your whiskers. And I’m home sitting on the couch working on my laptop. These are all things you love!

For the love of all things holy what do you want?


Your Human

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