in-service day tales of a work at home cami…

I may have mentioned before that working from home is awesome. Sure there are the things that come up here and there that make working from home a little more challenging on some days than others, but when I reflect on it they’d be even more difficult if I was expected to sit in an office from 9 to 5.

When school is out on a workday things tend to get a bit rocky for me. I have a schedule. A routine. When I wake up in the morning I usually spend from 30 minutes to an hour catching up on work related blog, twitter, and Facebook posts. Since my work is global it’s always a good idea to see what the rest of the world has been up to while I slumber. Then one of a few things can happen:

  • I run out of stuff to read.
  • I need to hurry K along in the getting ready for school process.
  • I find something in my scan of the internet that requires me to hop on slack, login to a site, or send an email.

Let’s be honest. That first one has never happened but I like to think it someday might. Usually I wind up finding something I need to respond to or further research. I grab my laptop from its nighttime perch and work from bed until I realize I need to leave in 15 minutes to take K to school. How do I realize this? I have an extra alarm set to remind me that I have to take her to school. Why? Because I am super likely to get sucked in to whatever it is I’m doing/ reading/ writing/ contemplating. I get up. Move my laptop to the living room. I herd the teen and the cats. I manage to put on a shirt, pants, and shoes. I scramble to find my keys and run through the mental checklist of getting the girl to school. General insanity ensues. Invariably something is missing or wrong and we have to hurry up and finish/find/make it.

I toss on a jacket to avoid public acknowledgment that I’m wearing yet another WordPress shirt, one of my boyfriend’s many oversized (on me) startup shirts, or the same shirt I was wearing when I picked her up from school yesterday.

When there is time I start a pot of coffee before we walk out the door.

That’s all crazed, but as soon as we step out that door and begin our walk things fall into place. It’s always a nice time for the two of us to converse. Catch up. Sing a stupid song. Breathe. And perhaps plan our day or add an item to the list of things we’ll do when we someday take over the world.

And when I come back? When I come back all is well. My laptop is waiting for me next to the charger and lap desk. The room smells of freshly brewed coffee. The cats have settled in for a day of napping and cuteness. And I can sit down, add-on to my never ending to-do list, and start in on my blissfully productive 6 hours of uninterrupted work time. The cats come and go. I take a few little breaks to refill coffee, make a meal, or hula-hoop. And I work work work. Crazy, hectic, tons to do, pulled in 10 directions at once. But I have the time and nerves to handle it all.

And then there is today, the teacher in-service day. It’s after 10am and I am working from bed. Not because I haven’t been up, but because I’ve been driven back into my sleep cave by the presence of an amazing teen with boundless energy and two cats who, frankly, don’t know why she is home or what the fuck is going on. She wants pancakes, they want attention, she wants to listen to music, they want attention, she doesn’t want to do chores on her day off, they want ATTENTION to deal with the fact that they don’t know what’s going on, she wants to watch a movie and hangout with her mom. There are questions. There are comments. There is a lot of meowing. I can’t drink my coffee because my cat is head-butting my elbow and my computer is in danger of getting very wet and caffeinated. So I’m hiding from some of the mammals that love me most and wondering how I’m going to survive this day intact. I haven’t even updated my to do list! My battery is down to 15% and my coffee mug is empty so I’m going to have to go back out there sooner rather than later.

But at least I didn’t have to take the day off?

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