work wardrobe…

When I went back to work last year for the first time in 10 years I had a moment of panic and excitement over a new work wardrobe. It was more like a total freakout.  And actually preceded the actual getting of the job. It was while I was starting to look for work that the panic set in.


I had interview clothes, no problem. And if I needed to attend a dozen cocktail parties for work I’d have been able to dress for that as well. But actual normal work clothes? No. I didn’t have them. I couldn’t afford them. And really I didn’t even know what the hell they should look like.

As a stay at home mom I had two clothing modes and that was it. Mama in jeans, a tank top, and boots with sweaters and flip flops swapped in now and then for seasonal comfort or all dressed up with somewhere to go (or something to record).

And then I stumbled upon my current job as a Girl Friday for a small company here in Portland. And guess what? Doesn’t matter what I wear.  I “go” to work so rarely. Don’t get me wrong, I work every day. I roll out of bed, or just sit straight up, grab my laptop and I work. From home. Most days that means jeans and a tank top just like I’ve worn for years. Occasionally it means I feel pretty (oh so pretty) and I throw on a dress and some makeup. I might even curl my hair.

And then there are days like today where work clothes consist of a t-shirt stolen from the boyfriend and a pair of kick-ass shoes that I need to break-in before my cousin’s wedding on Saturday.

So that’s one wardrobe crisis averted…

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