because I have a huge crush on technology…

Living in a time when so many of us can hold a world of knowledge in the palm of our hand -or shove it in our pocket or toss it in our purse- it’s easy to lose sight of just how amazing the technology of today is.  When I was a kid watching shows like Star Trek and the Jetsons I always wondered if I would live to see the imagined technology.  I hoped I’d drive a flying car and have a floating robot house keeper to look after my space aged children and my talking dog while I vacationed on the shores of some stunningly remote island from the privacy of my very own holodeck… or maybe just took a quick trip there via my transporter, though that would have made my flying car obsolete.

I sometimes wonder if the reason I have steadfastly refused to drive a car my entire adult life is because I figured it would be a wasted skill in time.  I mean not really, but wouldn’t that be a fab excuse?

Back to my point.  Technology is amazing.  Mind numbing, pulse quickening, breath taking, and amazing.  Not just because it saves lives and makes the world go round.  Every part of our lives is altered by technology.  I would say bettered, but that’s a matter of opinion.  Some feel technology robs people of social skills, family values, humanity.

I feel it opens new doors and provides a whole new universe of opportunities.  A world where anyone can thrive if only they have the will and determination to do so.  We’re creating a world where we can see individuals for what they can and will do and not for the skin suit they’re born into.

Wow.  I’ve gotten so serious when all I really wanted to do was marvel over my ability to stream movies online or reserve a movie and walk a few blocks, swipe my card and pick up a dvd without any further instruction.  I wanted to tell you how much I love technology’s ability to offer me entertainment at a moments notice.  Instead I got all -technology can make the world a better more equatable place- on you.

What I’m saying is that the future is pretty much here and I welcome the technology overlords. Until they get all terminator on our asses…

4 thoughts on “because I have a huge crush on technology…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    I love technology, but I try not to let it overtake my life. I like the outdoors, too. Mostly. Except for mosquitoes and ticks and whatnot. I do loves me the escape to the AC, though. That’s some good shit.

  2. Greg Benison says:

    I’d say it could go either way – “A world where anyone can thrive if only they have the will and determination to do so”, or a world segregated into a technocratic elite and the masses who have no function other than to borrow and consume. It’s our job to make sure it’s the former.

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