words: of love and longing…

Of all the sentiments humans have learned to express through words, love and longing may be the ones to which the most time has been committed.  Love notes.  Songs.  Poems. Tales of woe are often the flip side of a tale of love.  And then you have your chick flicks.  And the greeting card industry.

We use words to woo.  To seduce.  To comfort and confirm.

A group of carefully, cleverly crafted words can make you swoon.  Make you fall.  Make you miss.  And yes, make you long for that love.  You may read each syllable greedily.  Linger on a particularly sweet turn of phrase.  Laugh.  Smile.  Feel your heart skip a beat.

But it’s not the words you’re longing for.  The words can evoke a response.  Form an idea.  But without something there to write of, the words are hollow.

Love cannot live on words alone.

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