a sweet sweet dirty little secret…

I have something to tell you all. A confession of sorts about something that is generally greatly frowned upon. Back when I was a kid I don’t think it was that big of a deal but now? Now it really seems to freak people out.

The other morning as I was curled up in bed all snugly warm I read a tweet from @kentjlewis informing all the twitter reading world that “…Mrs Butterworth’s Original Syrup contains 0%real maple syrup…”

I giggled thinking of drizzling the sugary sweet syrup all over my favorite homemade french toast.  I salivated thinking of the distinct flavor of Mrs. Butterworth’s.  I shuddered thinking of a hilarious childhood memory involving breakfast, syrup and my brother screaming.  I can’t tell you about that.  I can’t.  I promised him I wouldn’t… so unless he wants to let me I’m afraid I’m just unable to do so.

All this came to mind and then I thought of the years of torment and ridicule I’ve suffered over the fact that I don’t care for maple syrup.

That’s right.  You heard me.  I don’t like it.  I don’t order pancakes or waffles in restaurants because I don’t like their syrup.  I like Mrs. Butterworth’s processed sugary death.  Which is odd because for the most part I prefer things made from scratch.  Fresh ingredients.  Non processed foods.  Things I can fully identify.

Like I said, for the most part.  Syrup is the exception.  But there are others.

I confessed dramatically to a friend that I held no love for maple syrup and that my syrupy heart rests with the old gal in the apron… and he agreed.

I mean… he concurred.

He didn’t just agree that I like Mrs. Butterworth’s best, he shared with me that he too liked the sugary high fructose lady of death and not maple syrup.  So now I have to know.  I have to wonder.  I have to ask…

How do you feel about maple syrup?  It’s okay.  You can tell me.  I won’t judge you much.

And um… no.  This is not a syrup add…. I just really love that shit.

6 thoughts on “a sweet sweet dirty little secret…

  1. Jnpdx says:

    I have to admit, that while I do like the real stuff, the fake can be appealing and comforting in the right situations. At the restaurant, I want the real thing, but at home on a Sunday morning, maybe the fake.

  2. Scott Blomquist says:

    Real maple definitely wins for me, but I can do Mrs. Butterworth’s as well. I know some folks who have a long-standing family tradition of making their own pancake moistener by boiling water plus some mapleine. I’ve never been a fan of that at all, but to each his own, I suppose.

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