Are you at work today?  Is it a weekday for you?

Oh.. well, I’m very very sorry.  I mean really, truly sorry.  You see I only write blogposts for weekdays.

You know.  The days of the week that don’t start with “S”

As it happens “Monday” doesn’t even exist this week.  My daughter is home from school.  Probably wandering around the house with a paint brush looking for paper no doubt, or turning the living room into a haven for her stuffed animals and training them to sit and stay.  So instead of Monday I am clearly having a Smonday… and Smonday starts with an S so I really need to stop posting right now…

Okay.. in 3…2…1…

Edited to add 7:37 AM

This is no longer Smonday.  Smonday is a fun day (and yes, I am now singing Manic Monday in my head)  K has had a bit of a cough at night and in the morning for the past couple of days, but this morning when she should be running around excitedly enjoying day 3 of her 4 day weekend she is curled up sick in my bed watching cartoons and looking a little green around the gills.

Bet you didn’t know my kid had gills, did you?

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