when friday comes early…

Today as you read this on your Friday… it’s not my Friday.

My Friday was yesterday (which is right now as I write this).

It’s so heavenly to have Friday come an entire day early.  Tomorrow when I’m supposed to wake up to get K ready for school, I’ll be sleeping.

And tomorrow when I’m supposed to be rushing her out the door to actually get to school?  If I’m really lucky, I’ll be sleeping.

But as a stay at home mom that’s really where the early Friday extra Saturday thing ends.  I’ll have to get up eventually.  I’ll probably feel so guilty that I’m “sleeping in” that I’ll get up 15 minutes after I normally would to help Mike get out the door.  Once I’m awake I’m sure K will be up and I’ll have to make her breakfast.  Since she doesn’t have to rush out the door she’ll want real food, not a bowl of cereal and yogurt so I’ll wind up making her an omelet, maybe some whole wheat toast and some sliced fruit.

Also, I promised we would carve a pumpkin or something tomorrow and we don’t have a pumpkin.  We’ll have to get one.

So there’s that.

Instead of doing housework in a kind of ambling way, I’ll rush to get things done while trying to entertain K and answering the same questions 16,000 different ways.

The question?  What’s the question?  I don’t know yet but whatever it is it will be about Halloween candy and when if how why where she can have some.

By the end of the day when I’m making dinner I will be exhausted and ready to sleep.  I’ll feed K dinner like I would any other night, get her ready for bed, tuck her in and read a story and then just when I am about to drift off to a blissful slumber side by side with my little long weekend having princess I will pop back up and get ready to record and episode of Strange Love Live…

Yeah, my Friday didn’t really come early after all.

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