my fortune…

It was a rare night for me, instead of the normal weeknight where I settle down to a family meal then tuck my little one into bed I went out with friends. We started by meeting up with the Our PDX folks for a drink (possibly two) and then moved on to a quick and terribly unhealthy dinner.

True to my weeknight form though I grew tired, as did my friends, and by 7:30 we were on our way back to my house. When I got home things were running smoothly, but just a little bit late. Dr. Normal and K had just wrapped up dinner and were hurrying to get K ready for bed, no doubt to show me things could run smoothly in my absence.

When we arrived home my lovely friends came inside to say goodnight and I slowly began to transition from the woman who had been out on the town in tight jeans, 3 inch heels and clip on devil horns back into the cozy comfy mama. Our friends departed after a round of hugs and kisses and then it was story time. Dr. Normal took K in her room as I took off my heels, removed my contact lenses and contemplated sleep. I heard his voice carry into the bathroom, he was reading the book she picked up at the library. A book I’d read only once but already loved.

After washing my face I went into her room and climbed onto her bed to hear the rest of story time and I saw one of the most wonderful things I will ever see in my lifetime…

The two people I most admire and adore curled up by the dim light of a lamp reading together, sharing a story, a tale, a dream…

They are so very beautiful.

And I?

Am so very fortunate.

8 thoughts on “my fortune…

  1. Smilf says:

    Aw, I can totally relate to having two worlds like this. :) It’s a good combo though don’t you agree? I need to see a visual of these clip on horns.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    That was so lovely. There’s something so cute and sexy about seeing your man with his child isn’t there? And sounds like you had a good night with your friends too. Perfect.

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