Portland People, go now!

If you’re in Portland and at a loss for things to do today then you aren’t looking hard enough…

Here’s how we’re spending our Saturday!

Portland Pie-Off #mmmpie

3pm at Washington Park. Check out the upcoming page for details.

Why am I going (aside from a tiny hope that I will get to taste some of this amazing pies)? To meet & see all the twitter peeps I wouldn’t normally get to see. Pie brings everybody out of the house!

Then I’ll have a few precious moments of down time (5 minutes ought to do it) before Missburrows comes knocking on my door. We’ll have a snack, doll ourselves up, laugh at each other (like we do) and then head out the door to the Anti-Prom Benefit. I talked about this event last week and I hope to load some photos up on my flickr page before the weekend is over.

The Anti-Prom is happening 8pm-1am. For details go to the upcoming page.

Hope to see you somewhere!

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