it’s raining on prom night…

My secret is out, missburrows let it slip that I, CamiKaos, never went to Prom.

Nope. Not my own, not a boyfriend’s.

No prom for me.

Once as a freshman I went to a winter formal with a gaggle of friends and a cutie with a mohawk…

Not the same as prom. At all. Plus at that point I hadn’t developed into the person I know and love. I didn’t yet have my own sense of style.

By the time I would have gone to prom I had developed a certain style… let’s just call it “I’m too cool for you” chic. Sadly it involved me not attending a prom, taking senior portraits or going to graduation.

I have a second chance to experience prom as I would have liked it though. People often say youth is wasted on the young… they may be right which is why on Saturday August 30th I’ll be attending my Anti-Prom with several hottie friends

Oh.fricking.yeah. babies.

I’ve been waiting to tell you because I wanted to be able to announce my attendance, shill for the good causes (the Anti-Prom is a fundraiser for the Luke Dorf Healing Community and for Liberty Hall) and show you my Anti-Prom dress…

That’s my dress modeled by the lovely DrNormal…

If you want to see it on me you’ll have to go to the Anti-Prom!

16 thoughts on “it’s raining on prom night…

  1. sybil law says:

    I went to two proms.You didn’t miss much.However, I like this side of Dr. N. I want to see his legs in some heels, though.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I didn’t go to prom either. For me it was a social awkwardness thing. Also, we don’t have prom in Canada so it totally wasn’t an option anyway.The dress is so lovely I want to gouge your eyes out….just a little bit. =P

  3. holly says:

    peeps! even *i* went to prom! although i wished i hadn’t…you didn’t miss much. is it wrong that he looks so good in this dress?

  4. NanaKaos says:

    Back in my day ( oh yuck!) you only went to the prom with your boyfriend.I went to three proms, each with a different boyfriend. The last one stuck, it was DaddyKaos. He is still around here somewhere.

  5. loveyh says:

    Have fun! I went to both of my proms and would not relive them for a second!!I’d go to the anti-prom, but the ‘rents are flying in that night to spoil the kidlets. Take lots of cheezy prom pics, mmkay?

  6. CamiKaos says:

    carrie & troy: thank yousandi: no you're not too bad you aren't here this even it right up your alley.lovey: I wish my parents would fly in… hotmammamia: I am almost as excited for antiprom pics as I am to actaully go.lisa: I hope so. I think I'm gonna wear my big black wedding boots with itmom: I haven't seen dad in a while, you sure you still have him… he's probably at the golf courseholls: I think he looks good too… so yeah probably very wrong.mediachick: I think he's planning on a tux of some kind… so he won't be AS hawt.kimberly: It means so much that you would want to gouge my eyes out!!! I <3 you!Sybil: I think I'm gonna get some after the antiprom so it will all be worth it.Jo: I need to get him some falsies.expensivethrills: Thanks!missb: f. u.

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