bring it home…

Sometimes I think that the world doesn’t stop often enough to ask

What would be best for CamiKaos?

What would CamiKaos like?

or even

What would CamiKaos do?

I try not to take it personally… I know you’re all busy living your own lives and thinking of what’s best for yourself and others close to you… but right now, for this particular moment I want you to think of me and what I want…

Not just me though, there are other people that would benefit from what I want you to do!

What? You want to know what it is I’m asking of you? I’m asking you to vote for convenience for CamiKaos!

BlogHer currently has a poll asking where BlogHer 09 should be.

All I want is for you to go and vote for Portland, Oregon.

Pretty easy right? Pretty simple. Go vote for Portland. Make Cami happy!

What would it do for you? Tons. For instance if we have BlogHer here in Portland I can go and not have to worry about flying, getting a hotel room, deciding what to do with K and Dr. Normal. Plus I have a guest room. I could let a couple of blogger gals I know stay there…

Also, I have a back yard that holds tents. How do I know? Because I’ve had two very large tents in my back yard very recently. There was certainly room for a couple more. I could have a ton of ladies sleeping in my back yard and then we could all go to BlogHer together.

And how cool would it be for me to see so many of my beautiful blogger women in my very own home base. In my city. In the place that I love.

Plus, if BlogHer was in Portland then Deb on the Rocks might come to Portland, and if she visited we could have her on Strange Love again… she could come by the house and sit on my couch and sign my guest canvas… sigh… that would be dreamy and all my listeners would benefit from that!

So what do you say? Can you help a Cami out? Go and vote for BlogHer to be in Portland

But if you’re planning to vote for any other city… please forget I said anything.

13 thoughts on “bring it home…

  1. holly says:

    £500 = nyc plane flight.£700 = portland plane flight. i think at those prices it doesn’t really matter where it is. might as well be portland. :) now just 350-some days left for some dude to drop all those smackers in my lap. i could win the lottery………

  2. Shredred says:

    Sigh. Not a blogger, but voted anyway.Is that evil?Anything to make Cami happy, though. After all, you do ply me with alcohol. That’s definitely worth a vote.If PDX does win, I’m sure there’ll be room in our basement/backyard if there’s CamiKaos overflow. Can’t promise to be as entertaining, but we’re a mere 5 stumbling blocks away from Kaos land.

  3. missburrows says:

    You really should promise people something for voting. Like a photo of you in your t-shirt and undies. (Looking at my copy always makes me want to get up and start my day.)

  4. CamiKaos says:

    deb: I was hoping you’d feel that way!Belle: sightlisa: thank you for your support!holly: big difference. In New York you’d have to pay a ton for a hotel etc… here you have a free place to stay… not just in my heart, but in my home! OOOhhhhhh….Sybil: you can sleep in the houseLori: WOO HOO our first camper has preregistered! Dr. Normal says he’s getting you guys a port o potty….shredred: You are so supportive… thank you! Will get your bowls back to you this week ;)Marcus: no but I can make you a badge!Missburrows: if people need a picture of me in a t-shirt and undies who am I to argue… though you’re the only person asking for it and you claim to already have one… do you need another?Loveyh: Thank you and THANK YOU!

  5. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahhh, so they closed the votes before I got back. Gits. But Portland is in the top three so I will send happy thoughts their way ok?

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