naughty is nice… the day begins

Last Friday I got up early in the morning, stretched, yawned and wandered into the kitchen to make breakfast for my daughter and to help usher my husband out the door well aware that 12 hours later I would be hosting 5 blogger ladies in my home with my great friend and partner in crime Missburrows.

She and her husband Martin arrived at my house an hour after I woke while I was still trying to chase down Dr. Normal and get him ready for work. In fact as Martin and Missburrows stood on our doorstep Dr. Normal was running around the house in a t-shirt and bikini cut undies. I asked them to wait just a moment til I could chase him into the bathroom for his shower but it was no good, he came to the door to say good morning. I let them in, he ran off to get ready for work and I bustled around the house trying to be a wife, mother, manager and camp naughty counselor all at once.

By the time 9:45 rolled around I had sent Dr. Normal off to his day job, wolfed down some breakfast, gotten my daughter dresses and sent her across the street for a play date at our friend and neighbors house and then hurried into the car with Martin and Missburrows. We were 15 minutes late to make our way to the airport to pick up the first camper to arrive: Giddy.

We arrived just in the nick of time, Martin pulled up to the curb and Missburrows and I hurried away from the car. I broke into a run because I didn’t want to be late, but I soon realized that she had no intention of sprinting, and since she was carrying the “Welcome Campers” sign I had so carefully made I waited for my friend and then decided it would be okay if we just walked quickly.

We made it to the place on the other side of security where friends and loved ones were waiting for whoever it was they were waiting for. Quickly we unfurled the sign and I reached into my purse looking for my phone to see if there was a text from Giddy. She had landed! She was here in Portland! I shifted weight from one foot to another excitedly and looked out over the sea of people streaming from the terminal area. Was she here? Was I missing her somehow? Sure it had been 15 years since I last saw her but still, I knew what she looked like.

Passersby were staring out our sign, some curious, amused, disgusted. I didn’t care about that… WHERE WAS GIDDY?

After a few more minutes of waiting I called her cell phone only to learn that she’d stopped to use the bathroom…

Oh well… I guess even naughty girls have to pee.

It was all warm welcomes and howdy do’s then off to Burgerville for takeout and back to my place to put everyone to work to start the camp set up in earnest…

Around 6 PM Dr. Normal came home and the first of the official camp naughty events began, the Strange Love Podcast with international campers Holly & Jo

To be continued

6 thoughts on “naughty is nice… the day begins

  1. sybil law says:

    HahaWhat a great welcome for Giddy!!At first I read Mr. K was wearing panties, but then I re-read it and it made a lot more sense. ;)

  2. Giddy. says:

    It was indeed the best welcome ever… made even better because stopped to pee, and EVERYONE on my flight got to see the sign.It was a beautiful sign… and quite large. =)

  3. holly says:

    yeah i am imagining a cami-chasing-doc-normal incident with this. do you always chase him around the house scantily clad?

  4. missburrows says:

    a) you should tell people about the other day when Dr. Normal greeted us in his boxers. My god, I think I’ve seen you all in your undies now.b) you forgot to say that you realized that i wasn’t going to run, because i said, “I’m not f$%%^ing running.”c) how dare you make this a to be continued then smush a toonlet post in. you big mean, tease.

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