make your mark…

I’m of the opinion that what you use as a book mark says a lot about the kind of person you are.

What does it say? I have no idea… I’m just saying it says something, not that I speak the language.

Some people use receipts, a tissue, a ribbon. Some use an actual bookmark they got for free at the library or bookstore. Some people buy bookmarks that strike their fancy, or are given bookmarks as a gift.

I don’t use any of those things.

I never thought about it until last night as I smoothed my “bookmark” down on the page I would start next time and smiled at something that was written on it.

I wondered what the person who had sent it to me used to mark her place in a book. I wondered what my other friends used…

I smiled and looked at it again then closed the book.

My bookmark is a scrap of crumpled white printer paper that was once in the hands of a dear friend halfway across the world. Hurriedly in thick black ink she wrote 4 words:

To the basement!


I truly believe no one has a better book mark than I do.


Looking for a laugh? Go visit my friend Belle and wish her a very happy blogaversary!

15 thoughts on “make your mark…

  1. Alex says:

    I’m a big fan of making bookmarks out of something relevant to you. I prefer half of a parachute steering toggle. Makes for a great conversation piece if you happen to be reading in public. :)

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I’m a bit crappy at bookmarks. I tend to have the nearest scrap of paper, or I fold the page over. I like my books to look read. I don’t do this with other people’s books though (Holl).I do get bought nice bookmarks sometimes but I always lose them.Sometimes I have little pictures E and M have done or notes from E. Those always make me smile.That bookmark you have though? It sounds about perfect to me.

  3. mielikki says:

    right now, my bookmark is a note MM left on my pillow a few weeks back after I’d had a rough night at work. Its my favorite one….though yours is pretty cool, too.

  4. belle says:

    Seriously cool book mark. Erm mine? not so cool. Either a sheet of toilet paper … unused. Or a post it note. That’s dull, right? Maybe I should use David in doublet and hose …Thanks for you lovely comment and link!

  5. holly says:

    i wrote that with my third favorite pen. my second favorite is the blue version of it and my first favorite is the purple version of it. but yes, i was in a hurry at the time. bad bad me.oh WOW i am so glad you asked. my next post will be about my bookmark. yes, i have a bookmark collection. yes, it is awesome. yes, i make them myself (except the hawaiian ones) with queen of hearts – it’s a thing we do together. some people go on holidays as a family, some of us…make bookmarks. oh i should be quiet and put the rest on my blog now.

  6. Aaron says:

    My wife has indicated it’s strange I’m currently using a 16mb Compact Flash card for a bookmark.What? Everyone else thinks it’s strange too?

  7. hotmamamia says:

    I like to get bookmarks from places I visit that have pictures of those places on them…my best one right now came from the Gaudi museum in Barcelona…it’s even leather! My favorite one though is the one I got from Lilacspecs as a mother’s day gift when she was in first grade!

  8. sybil law says:

    I use Gilda’s katrillion scraps of paper for bookmarks, usually. They all have tiny pictures of me and “I love mommy” on them.Those beat yours by far.:)

  9. Travis Erwin says:

    I never keep a bookmark long but I tend to use scraps of toilet paper since I do lots of reading from the throne.

  10. Kimberly says:

    Sweet.I don’t use bookmarks. I’m sure that says something positively horrid in the as yet untranslated language of bookmarkery.

  11. Xithor says:

    I use what ever piece of paper that is unused and handy. It often winds up being a receipt from when I bought the book though.

  12. julie says:

    My bookmarks tend to be receipts or candy wrappers. Or whatever happens to be close. Yours sounds way better.

  13. Deb says:

    I love it when a second hand book, even from a stranger, has a bookmark in it. If it’s a grocery storelist, I am thrilled. If it’s a love note or confession or angry scribe, I might sit holding it for hours, just sighing in happiness.I PERSON who is DAM COOL who you LIKE touched that bookmark? You are right, nothing better.

  14. loveyh says:

    You win with the bookmark thing. I’m so OCD that the bookmark is generally related somehow to the book: I have 5 of the 7 needed for my HP books, and all the Phillip Pullman ones too.

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