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  1. Denise says:

    See how the Evil Queen is impervious to your super Twitter MWAHAHAHA!p.s. I pink puffy heart your toonlets.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    denise: your evil queen status must give you some special immunity…velma: twitter strengthens us!aaron: we totally could… but why would we want to? I heard twitter had vitamin C in it!

  3. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    THAT is why my blog is called “Bad Mom.” I rarely want to help at school, clean the house, or take kids to carnivals…

  4. mielikki says:

    K makes a mighty cute toonlet. Which is as addicting as twitter. I showed MG toonlet last night, and when I went to bed, she was still playing with it….

  5. holly says:

    i love toonlet you. almost as much as i love the real you. that’s a lot.but i am *so* not getting on the twitter bandwagon. i am really barely holding on to the last five free minutes of my day. twitter’s not getting them.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahhh, I love toonlet you too. And I’m like Holl, Twitter cannot have me. My wings are like a shield of steel.Did you guys get Batfink over there??It was probably made over there actually. It makes me laugh.And K is the cutest toonlet.

  7. Lilacspecs says:

    Is it wrong that I’m not addicted to Twitter? I only updats it like once a day. And Toonlet is cool but my mother has gone crazy with it.

  8. CamiKaos says:

    lisa: more than I care to admit.lilac: you are obviously the sensible one…Jo: the selfish part of me that loves you cries for you to join me… but most of me loves you so much that I am proud of you for steering clear of the twitterbeast.sybil: oh… think we’ve gone past that.holly: let me stand as a warning not to get involved with twitter… ;) and on the toonlet me… I think Mr. Kaos wants to get it on with her. No joke.Maria: Thanks gal. I love that avatar of you… is it new?Kimberly: yes, it really does.Shamelessly: Look at you coming out of thin air to give me such a lovely complement. Thank you so much.Mie: It’s the goodsStephanie: I just realized without school to send her to for the summer I may have to actually parent her.

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