13 thoughts on “three word thursday?

  1. holly says:

    okay it’s my turn on the jealousy front. seriously, thanks. thanks for that. next you’ll just be sitting there with tiki drinks. oh wait…

  2. loveyh says:

    okay, fine. Leave me jealous and lonely. I’m so wanting a cool friend picture strip like that.Now, if I could only get Avery out of the house…

  3. CamiKaos says:

    lovey: we took the pics in the booth at the little Finnegans. holly: it is sad, but when you make me jealous I am kind of glad I can make you jealous. That’s totally dysfunctional.Jo: Yeah? You like the one where I am using my love and my head to force her out of frame? Stu: So do I. You should have seen the sheer joy and giddyness on my face… and the irritation on hers, when I first saw it.deb: that’s one of those odd universal truths that I have yet to see disproven.Maria: And on and on…BW: Thank you. We were SO TOTALLY STOKED! I am now a teenage girl.

  4. CamiKaos says:

    angel: thanks… it was.missb: NO. I took a picture of 4 pictures, bits of my friend, part of a bag and the floor. And it was a brilliant idea, now only if I could recall who’s idea it was.Kimberly: Yeah. We’re cool. and bad. and um… yeah. We’re big softies for each other.

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