strange love tech: toonlet guy

Listen to this very special “tech” episode of Strange Love and learn more about toonlet and toonlet President and CEO Craig Schwartz.

Have you figured out yet that I LOVE toonlet?

as always you can listen to the show here, download it or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when we’ve put out a new episode…

Next week on the show we’ll take a departure from our normal blogger guests to have a friend of Mr. Kaos’ from decades past… The talented and zany guitarist and crooner, John Borroz will join us live in the studio and share some great tunes and a nice chat.

9 thoughts on “strange love tech: toonlet guy

  1. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Starting Saturday after next I am discontinuing the Squizzes and all my Saturday posts will be Toonlets.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    Mie: me too.Mr. Fab: Somethings are worth repeating.sybil: I think all your comments are about me baby.serno: your exclamation mark makes you look surprised but you’ve known me for about 12 years… should you really be shocked?flutter: Good… that’s what I was going for… really it was. That whole vain thing? Just a joke. (but totally a joke at my own expense).

  3. holly says:

    i’m detecting a love of toonlet – would that be accurate? it’s just that i’m picking up on a certain vibe. it’s nothing you’re saying – it’s just a feeling i get…

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