holly pocket…

Last week on a very ordinary day when there was not much to do (OK, there was MUCH to do but not much I felt like doing) I got a letter in the mail addressed to The Phenomenal Cami Kaos.

Let me now admit 2 things:

1) I don’t get a lot of “mail”.
2) I’m a sucker for a letter that comes addressed to me and includes a wild compliment.

After I told the envelope that it was quite right about me and that I hoped we could be friends I moved on to finding out more about the contents of it… What could it be? Where did it come from? Who sent it?

Well two of those very well phrased questions could be answered by just looking at the front of the envelope, and once I got over how phenomenal I was I realized it had come from Cardiff… and in my world that can only mean one thing: Holly Mail!!!

I sat quickly and tore open the envelop to find a piece of paper. On that paper? A note had been written. But wrapped inside the paper I found….

a Holly for my Pocket.

What a thing of beauty, I thought.

What fun!

I’ll take her EVERYWHERE. We’ll do EVERYTHING together, my Holly pocket and me!

But then? Well then I realized that I had very little in the way of interesting to do so I gave her a hip place to hole up until I was ready to take her out into the great big world of Portland

Does she look comfy in the Tiki cupboard? I really hope so.

But then? I had work to do.

And then? You guessed it… more of the daily grind.

AND THEN? It was Sunday and gardens don’t plant themselves you know so I got up at 8, fed K a quick breakfast and left Mr. Kaos sleeping soundly in bed so I could get the planting done before the heat of the afternoon.

I dug. I raked. I pulled. I plucked. I planted. I watered. I admired my handy work.

K came out and fetched things, ran in circles and played in the dirt.

Once I again I began to dig, rake, pluck, plant and water but then to my surprise something wonderful happened…

Holly Pocket didn’t want to stay inside… She came flying out to the garden with Mr. Kaos giving chase…

She wanted to be with us.

She wanted to see.

to plant her little paper feet in the soil.

to be the butt of our jokes

and to fulfill her destiny as my great friend, Holly Pocket.

and yes… my daughter is wearing crocs. I know, I know…. I know.

19 thoughts on “holly pocket…

  1. holly says:

    my husband complained about it being rainy this weekend. all *i* said was: “I saw the sun…!”i wholeheartedly approve the wearing of crocs by K. FINALLY! i get to be around tiki mugs again. whew. that was a long time comin’. why i left mine in hawaii i’ll never no. oh yeah. two bag limit. JUST MAKE SURE, for the sake of your plants…that i only *observe* the planting. my involvement will unfortunately be their detriment. to not point my face directly at the center of any flowers. i will want to see the flowers, most assuredly. but through the use of mirrors only. it’s a medusa-type thing. it is the bane of my existence.

  2. Bubblewench says:

    oooh.. Holly Pocket… I have a secret I have a secret and I’m not telling.. until Friday.. when we go to Tiki Bar.. :) You are a croc fool.

  3. stephanie says:

    She is a delight. I can only hope I look that precious when I’m a pocket fairy (that all sounds rather crazy).And HEY! I love the Crocs.

  4. sybil law says:

    First – crocs are okay on children. Gilda has crocs, too. They can wear them – adults should NOT.Second – Holly looks awful purty out there!Third – You look awful purty out there, too!Fourth – K always looks purty.Fifth – I am tired of numbering.Sixth – I think you are tired of me numbering, too.Seventh – xo

  5. loveyh says:

    Wow, gardening AND Holly Pocket day! You lucky gal, you! I spent half my weekend at an (admittedly fab) meeting, and the other half grocery shopping. *yawn*

  6. missburrows says:

    I am not jealous that I did not get one, no, no, no…but if I were you I would turn Holly Pocket the other way, so she could kiss your lovely bum!

  7. CamiKaos says:

    lisa: I love paper dolls… in this day and age we can make them.missb: In front of K? No.stu: leave it to you to notice the rum hat.kimberly: I am a very lucky girl.lovey: it was a good day indeed.angel: I was so thrilled when Mr. Kaos brought her out… he’s apparently a better host than I. I was just afraid to get her dirty but that’s no way to live.Sybil: I am not numbering, but I love you.stephanie: only a LITTLE crazyMr. Fab: Don’t make me pull this blog over… we’ll get there when we get there.

  8. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh and I nearly forgot, you wanted to know about Miss E’s sleepover at her friends. I think it was you Cami. If not, ignore this and imagine I have gone mad.Right, they did not sleep till 1am and got up at 6am, but she loved it. really loved it, and I’m going to let her have one on her birthday, though maybe just two friends instead of four. Nobody puked, nobody cried, nobody battered anybody, and they only swapped beds about 5 times. I think I can cope with one night of that……

  9. stu says:

    I look for the details rather than the obvious “hey, nice ass” sort of comments. Those types of comments are below me.-Stu

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