strange love episode 011: none of us mardy

Join us with guests Jo, Holly and Belle for some very “blunt” conversation:

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Next week’s show we finally catch up with my brother, Xithor. Join us as we belatedly celebrate his birthday, loudly adore The Venture Brothers and pimp a great organization…

11 thoughts on “strange love episode 011: none of us mardy

  1. belle says:

    oh. my. bob! I can’t believe how much I forgot!! I should apologise to all south american listeners, all members of the royal family, oh and so many others!But that was such a blast, not grim at all, and in no way mardy.Fabulous. Thankyou x

  2. holly says:

    that was absolutely so much fun. for my part, i apologize to a renamed airport. from the bottom of my blunt. cami i heart you so much for turning my most fun weekend ever into a repeatable memory. and the pounding in my head from the whatever-i-was-drinking has finally gone away.

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee, that was such fun. And I lurve the picture dwahling. Fabulous. Snort. Ta for making it so darn special you two, and Holl and Belle too. How cool if we could do it in the same room one day. Sighhhh.

  4. missburrows says:

    So funny! I loved how 3 of you totally faked British accents the whole time! Well done!!Did you say that we are going to fight over who will get Holly to stay at her house? I dare you to stand on a footstool and say that to my face!!(looking forward to our vibrating lunch)

  5. CamiKaos says:

    missb: I think everyone should know that we’ve worked out our differences about where Holly will stay. And I’m looking forward to lunch too.Serno: I’m glad you liked the show. I saw all your tweets and loved the VM you left me.Syb & Kimberly: can’t wait to hear what you think.Jo Holly & Belle: I had such a great time, I can’t thank you guys enough for including me in your get together.

  6. stu says:

    All that blunt talk made me feel icky ;)I like how nobody knows who “The Hedgehog” is. I am amazed he is on film. He is fuggly.-Stu

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