an honest self portrait….

Often I pretend I’m bigger than the world but the truth is I usually feel pretty small…

suck that cami’s ego.

17 thoughts on “an honest self portrait….

  1. Lindy says:

    Enough about you, tell us about the bathroom!! JOKING of course. I think we all feel small and insignificant at times- just keep reminding yourself that you’re the FABULOUS CAMI KAOS!!

  2. sybil law says:

    At least you’re not a midget. Think how small you’d feel then, huh?I am so glad you are not a midget!Also, I will protect you.xoxo

  3. CamiKaos says:

    sybil: you always do baby.kimberly: thank you. See that tile. I put in EVERY SINGLE PIECE myself. Mr. Kaos handed some to me.lisa: thank you, it took a lot of time to pick the right color. Tons of samples and trying to decide. In the end I picked a color at the store at the last minute. That bathroom seems to say a lot about me now that I think of it.denise: I’m not sure why we’re hailing me, but I’m TOTALLY on board.tIM: And so are you lady.Lindy: I’ll tell you about the bathroom… I worked my ass off on that bathroom. See the tile? I tiled it. See the grout? I grouted it. See the paint? I painted it. See the flowers? I put them in the vase. I am cami here me talk about it!BW: Oh you haven’t seen it yet. Lovely no?angel: mwah.Now if only I’d been laying on the floor so you could see THAT tile, you guys would LOVE it… maybe that’s next. Maybe it will be a series… Self Portraits in the Bathroom…

  4. hotmamamia says:

    Perfect blue….calm, cool, heavenly….wish I could share my kitties with ya! Samson and Delila would like that room I think!

  5. flutter says:

    as the animaniacs so sagely said”it’s a great big universeand we’re all really punywe’re just tiny little specksabout the size of mickey rooney”

  6. Lilacspecs says:

    Look at it this way…you haven’t peed on yourself yet, so you have one up on me.Cheer up hun.Oh and I LOVE the bathroom.

  7. belle says:

    You need some tardis therapy … that way you’d feel bigger on the inside. It’s available in Cardiff, but only if you podcast with Holly, Belle and Jo. But like Holly said you’re already pretty awesome to us brits :)

  8. stephanie says:

    Super pretty pic.And yes, I twitter but I don’t really do it right – I have not set my phone to get the messages. It’s really only a funny thing to put in my sidebar. Lame, I know.Hey! I’m free this Saturday if you & Miss B wanna meet. She’s kind of been harrassing me. (hee)

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