strange love with holly: parts 2 and 3

First I must say that I DID declare the winning name in that last podcast… I said MEGATRON… at least I think I did.

We’re calling it MEGATRON.

(dan… let’s talk about your prize)

and yes… I say it in all caps… Mr. Kaos would prefer curious george but that just makes me laugh and clearly I don’t want to laugh at his penis… that’s not the way it should be… maybe Mr. Fab (happy birthday by the way) deserves something for 2nd place?

but without any further delay parts 2 & 3 of the Holly, Cami, Mr. Kaos goodness…

part 2

part 3

or you can download parts two and three.

on a side note… apparently that tasty snack has 25% less fat… not 65%… my bad.

12 thoughts on “strange love with holly: parts 2 and 3

  1. Dan says:

    Yes! The winner! In your face everyone else! IN YOUR FACE!!Sorry, I’m not the best of winners.A prize too? It’s not a signed photo of MEGATRON is it? because if it is I’ll pass.

  2. Lilacspecs says:

    So, like, every time you and Mr. Kaos go to do the hibbidy dibbidy and he unfurls MEGATRON, are you gonna hear that noise they use when the transformer turns into it’s designated vehicle/weapon/animal?

  3. holly says:

    good lord. i sound like a much-MUCH-less-sexy version of my sister. i’m horrified. does my voice come with a great big clown nose? it ought to. oh well. dudes! that was soooo much fun!and now i have homework. just great. ‘a report on the avoidance issues of england’ is forthcoming.

  4. Kimberly says:

    I am such a dork.I listened to this first thing this morning and then went off on my merry way, grinning rather a lot.And forgot to comment.Oh yes. Dorkiness confirmed.You’re lovely. All three of you.

  5. sybil law says:

    I feel so edumacated now!The phrase was cockslappingmonkeyfucker. And it really came from Avitable. I think that’s what she meant. :)I have ignored the family for long enough – good job, girls!!Oh and Megatron was still just being discussed in the winner category! I never heard it officially announced! HahaMEGATRON.hahahaxoxo

  6. mielikki says:

    excellent podcast. I was very entertained! And if you go wander over to Cardiff, I want to go with you!K totally made her presence known, there at the end, didn’t she? :)

  7. Jo Beaufoix says:

    That was sooooo fabulous. And Holl, I thought I was already your mistress, or are you mine?? And Cami, Momo is wicked, she is worth the hearting I promise.And when I meet the gorgeous Holl, we will drink something in your honour. And if you come to the UK, I will be there, wherever it is, I will come, because how could I not. Sighh.Much hearting.

  8. holly says:

    JO! that’s right!!! you *are* my mistress, but i knew i wouldn’t need cami’s permission for YOU!!! c’mon, we all heart you!

  9. missburrows says:

    Ok, now you’d better show on the 19th or there will be hell to pay! H-e-l-l-o, uh, er…h-e-l-l, yes, that.With you be making a name tag for Megatron?

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