10 thoughts on “strange love episode 003: doppelganger

  1. holly says:

    ah HA! the name is revealed in all its loveliness. SYBIL! you did not prevail here. i can NOT believe the depths of your treachery! actually i can. and hey, ex-bakersfield women! i used to be a san diego girl (1970-80)! that makes us…um….people who know geography. sorry. i got nothing. i’m a sad wannabe. i’ll go now. enjoyable, insightful podcast. i heard you more clearly than i hear people who are *actually next to me*. but i don’t normally listen to *them* with headphones. i’ll stop now.

  2. Gunfighter says:

    Mad Dog 20/20… it’s all bad, dude! …and Boon’es Farm Strawberry Hill? Remember Night Train?Memories… or, rather lack of memory.

  3. mielikki says:

    Having spent part of my life chasing my first name with my last initial, because everyone in the 70’s named their kids the same. . .I have to say, you do eventually get used to it.My objection? That MM’s ex wife has my name. Same spelling. everything. And she is FOR SURE not my doppleganger.Good podcast.

  4. Lindy says:

    OK I could have sworn I left a comment already so here goes it for a second time.WHAAAT the name was revealed??!??!! Squidge was crawling all over me while I was listening and she made me miss it. That’s it she’s outta here! Anyone want to take pity on a poor soul??

  5. sybil law says:

    CAMBRA, Lindy!Anyway, How ’bout C/Kami 1 and 2? It’s easy to do.No more lame rhymes for me!Oh, and it was a great podcast!!!!Next podcast should be AFTER the bar!God, I’m tired.xoxoxoxo to both those crazy named girls!

  6. DaddyKaos says:

    I got you, we went to Disneyland in July, not June. I just finished listening to the rest of it, great PC, better than ours I think.

  7. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I loved this. Kami sounds like a cool chick. And I would never have guessed Cambra, though Deb was nearly right. There is underwear in there.I think it’s a cool name. Much better than my real name which is Joanne. And my dad only used it when I was naughty. If anyone calls me Joanne now I cringe.

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