bad kaos, no chocolate

actually in all honesty… good Kaos, no chocolate.

In another tale for my choconot family (we are a family are we not? A family banding together to resist the… well, the chocolate… for the month)…

Where was I?

Oh, yes, the tale for the Choconots… On his way home from work this evening Mr. Kaos had to stop at the grocery store for… well not that it is any of your business but he had to stop there for groceries… specifically garbage bags (we use them to throw away the garbage you know). While he was there he thought to pick up a couple of other essentials that we’re out of. Since I am off the chocolate these days and I stocked up on Cherry Coke last week I was in need of absolutely nothing.

He on the other hand was out of Power Bars.

Ordinarily Mr. Kaos likes one very specific kind of Power Bar but for some stupid reason we can only find one grocery store in the are that carries them.

It isn’t near our house. (It’s the same store that carries Americone Dream though. They have everything).

Since he was at the store that is near our house he decided to give in and buy some less satisfying (flavor wise) bars. His options were slim. The moment of truth was upon him. He reached his rough sexy hands towards the Power bar shelf and picked up a number of CHOCOLATE flavored power bars, but before he got very far with them he realized


So he put them all back and bought the honey nut kind instead.

That my friends is solidarity. You see I mentioned to Holly (Choconot founder & lovely smart ass) that Mr. Kaos would probably not eat any chocolate in the month of January and he decided to make good on my word…

Even though some people would argue that a power bar isn’t really chocolate at all…

The end

14 thoughts on “bad kaos, no chocolate

  1. mielikki says:

    Mr. Kaos should go with his bad self. Outstanding! He may well be the most strong choconot of the family. That is true dedication!

  2. holly says:

    BRAVO!!! TRIUMPH FOR THE CHOCONOTS!!(sniff sniff) i’ve never (sniff) been so proud (sniff) of my lovely choconot family!!oh god i remember power bars. (shutters) (shutters again). i so love the choconot chronicles.

  3. CamiKaos says:

    Corey: YepFlutter: I say it isn’t chocolate baby!Sybil: You know my sweetie so well… He brought ME some crisp apple hard ciderJo: Yes. He’s totally representing.Lisa: I know… odd isn’t it?BW: He’s da manMr. Fab: Probably a little bit of bothHolly: I think he’s been a real asset to the familyDan: I think soMie: I’m so proud!

  4. bb says:

    I can only assume Mr. Kaos is drinking more wine, then? Wow, most impressive support system from the Mr.! All that and sexy hands, too??!

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